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The answer is MMCODE13

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Q: What is the code for the treasure book 2 on club penguin?
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How do you open the secret book on Club Penguin?

You get a code from buying a CLUB Penguin penguin doll, type the code into club penguin, and you get the secret treasure book!

What is the code for the treasure book on club penguin?

it is 5GB7JKL7NVE1

What is the code for the treasure book in Club Penguin?

You can unlock the treasure book by buying a Club Penguin toy. Each toy is about ten or eleven dollars.

What are the treasure books on Club Penguin?

a treasure book is a book that you get if you type a code in from a soft toy

What is the code for the treasure book 2013 on club penguin?

it is 5GB7JKL7NVE1

Where you have to type the activation code on club penguin?

treasure book

Where can you get a Club Penguin treasure book from?

You have to buy Club penguin toys, clothing, figures, or books, or any Club penguin things, If they do they'll come with a code, which you will have to enter on Club penguin to get the treasure book. Hope this helped!

What is the Club Penguin treasure book on the Club Penguin website?

The treasure book is a book on club penguin which is found in the gift shop. It has special clothes and other things you may not be able to buy in the normal catalogue. Unlock the treasure book by entering a toy code.

Club penguin treasure book series 2 code?


You forgot your treasure book code on club penguin?

ME NAME IS Mich156

Is there any code of club penguin hairstyles?

it is onley if you have the treasure book

What is the unused club penguin 2013 code for the treasure book?


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