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Q: What is the code for the door in sniper assassin 5?
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What is the pass code for the door in sniper assassin 5?


What is the code to the door in the online game sniper-assassin-5-final-mission-game?


What is the code for level 5 on sniper assassin 4?


What is the level code for the level after nocturnal on sniper assassin 4?

Nocturnal is the last level code. There are only 13 missions and the series was concluded in Sniper Assassin: Final (#5) in 2010.

When is sniper assassin 6 going to come out?

acording to addicting games .com sniper assassin 5 is the last sniper assassin

When will sniper assassin 5 come out?

It's out now, the title is "Sniper Assassin: Final"

Will Sniper assassin 6 actually come out?

No, at the end of The Last Bullet (Sniper assassin 5) it ends. It even has the Epilogue. Play sniper assassin 5 on Addicting games

What is the code for the door on mansion on sniper assasin 5?


What is the code to open the door of sniper assasin 5?


Is sniper assassin 5 coming out?

It Will be released September, 23, 2010 It's title is Sniper Assassin: Final

Is there going to be a sniper assassin 5?

It was released in October 2010, called Sniper Assassin: Final.(see related link)

What do you type in to play sniper assassin 5?

type in addicting games click the first one then go to shooting category and select sniper assassin 5