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you can't get madara in the real version of NTSD 2.4 but you can get tobi

id: 25 type: 0 file: chars\kakuzu.dat

id: 23 type: 0 file: chars\kabuto.dat

id: 20 type: 0 file: chars\orochimaru.dat

id: 21 type: 0 file: chars\jiraiya.dat

id: 0 type: 0 file: chars\badboy.dat
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Q: What is the code for madara Uchiha form in NTSD 2.4?
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Is Tobi Madara in Obito's form?

Tobi is Madara Uchiha in Tobi's form!! Obito Uchiha is dead and completely unrelated besides the fact that he is an Uchiha too.

If Tobi is Madara Uchiha why does it show his right eye at level 2 Sharingan when Madara has the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan?

Tobi is not Madara Uchiha. He is Obito Uchiha, whose right eye is his original Mangekyo Sharingan eye. His other eye is the eternal one, considering he can evolve it to the Rinnegan form, it's most likely to be one of Madara's.

Is Uchiha madara awesome?

That is a form of opinion, and the discussion on this question can hold those opinions. But, my opinion would be yes. He is awesome.

Does madara posses the rinnegan?

Yes. The real Madara Uchiha discovered the link between the Sharingan and the Rinnegan, before his death. The Rinnegan is an advanced form of the Sharingan, and he was able to awaken that ability.

Who is the cousin of Sasuke?

No, but Tobi (since he's Madara Uchiha) are both form the Uchiha clan. Although they both possess the Sharingan, they are not brothers. Itachi is Sasuke's brother. Madara (Tobi) is like Itachi and Sasuke's great-grandfather.

Who is izuna Uchiha?

izuna was madara's younger brother. and after madara lost sight he took his brothers eyes by force awakening the eternal magnekyou. but in the shippuden episode episode 221 (storage) it shows kabuto wanting to form an alliance with tobi. kabuto then uses reanimation (edo tensei) creating 5 former akatsuki (who are: itachi, deidara, sasori, kakazu and nagato) tobi asks what will happen if he declines where then kabuto summons a sixth coffin containing madara uchiha. by this tobi freaks out as kabuto realises that madara is really dead. so tobi was a close companion with madara and would of killed madara and taken his mangekyou and rinnengan (as before madara died he awakened the rinnengan) then tobi implanted the rinnengan into nagato, where he later takes it back after he kills konan. i then did a little more research and it states that izuna didnt really die and as izuna was blind he killed madara making him tobi so tobi is actually izuna not madara

Is obito madara Uchiha?

I would think so because Itachi said that Madara Uchiha is alive and Tobi has the Mangekyo Sharingan. Hope this helps :) In the latest chapter (just came out 2 fridays ago) it was revealed that Tobi is Madara Uchiha. U can read it at He may be obutto because oubutto had the sharingan that let im teliport like tobi and obuto got an eye removed and is non with kakashi witch lets him teloport things but not himself, and tobi covers his other eye. Tobi is not Uchiha Madara. Tobi is not Uchiha Obito. Tobi is not Uchiha Izuna. Tobi is not the eldest son of the Sage of Six Paths. In fact, Tobi is not even someone from the Uchiha clan. All Uchiha are ruled out because the Uchiha clan's chakra nature affinity is Fire Release. Tobi does not even use Fire Release, much less let it be his affinity. If you say the Rinnegan lets him use Fire Release, I will tell you that I am talking about his chakra nature BEFORE the Rinnegan. Tobi uses only Earth Release, which is his affinity. The person who answered this before me is not reading manga from an updated website. if you want updates, read at Tobi is also not someone who has been previously granted Jounin rank in Konohagakure. During Naruto's chakra nature training, Kakashi said that to become a Jounin rank shiniobi or kunoichi in Konohagakure, one must first have mastered at least two chakra nature types. Even after obtaining the Rinnegan, we have not seen Tobi use anything but Earth Release Techniques, and Earth release is still his affinity. Plus, Tobi is the only member of Akatsuki other than Zetsu (Kabuto is not an official member) who does not have a forehead protector on. This can only mean one thing. Masashi Kishimoto will be sitting in a room somewhere laughing when we read the next manga and see his obvious answer to Tobi's identity.

Who is madara uchia?

Madara Uchiha was Leader of the uchiha Clan and he was NOT at all brother or something of 1st Hokage mostly Uchiha vs Senju (1st Hokage was leader of Senju's) is a destined battle because in those days the battle goes like hiring clans so when somebody hire Senju the opposition hires Uchiha this thing went on and on for many years later these two clans were fed up of non ending battle and decided to form an alience they came together to form an alience and and they created The Leaf Villege i.e. Konoha but later the battle for leadership takes place in between Madara and Hashirama Senju in which Madara is defeated and he is known to be dead which turn out that he wasn't at that time Rest is like this defeated by the 1st hokage for betraying him,Madar lost all his power.Years later he was the person who summoned the nine tailed fox attacking konahamaru. Madara is now trying to obtain the ultimate power summoning all nine demons together to create the ten tailed demon juubi. Which was once carried by the dark sage uchiha.dara Uchiha was clan leader of C=uc

Who is madara Uchiha?

Madara Uchiha is one of the founders of Akatsuki and its current leader. Long ago, Madara became the first possessor of the Mangekyo Sharingan, a rare form of the eye condition unique to the Uchiha which gave him the strength to take control of the Uchiha clan, though it rendered him blind from overuse until he took his own brother's eyes in order to regain his sight. Madara eventually banded together with Hashirama Senju to create Konohagakure. The two founders disagreed on who should lead their new village, and after a momentous battle between the two it was believed that Madara had died.In later years, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha, an act Minato Namikaze and others said to have been Madara's doing, though he denies it. Once the fox was sealed by Minato, Madara infiltrated Konoha in secret, and subsequently assisted Itachi Uchiha in assassinating the Uchiha clan. Kisame Hoshigaki, upon seeing his face, recognizes him as a former Mizukage. Much of Madara's role in the series has been under the guise of Tobi , who replaces Sasori in Akatsuki after Sasori's death. While acting as Tobi he is carefree and goofy as opposed to Madara's usual serious self. Tobi's tendency to take credit for other's work and undermine his superiors annoys his partner, Deidara, who either blows up or strangles him in comical fashion as punishment. After Deidara dies during a battle with Sasuke, the Tobi persona is discarded as Madara takes a special interest in Sasuke's development. However, Madara has not completely outlived the use of his guise as he reassumes Tobi's personality on occasion, such as to delay a group of Konohagakure ninja. Though Madara's face as it appeared during Konoha's founding has been shown in full at various points in the series, he always wears a mask in the current Naruto storyline. The mask features a swirl pattern focused around his right eye. His black hair (cut back from his earlier years) is the only constantly visible part of his face. When asked how Madara could have survived since Konoha's founding generations ago, Itachi Uchiha states that Madara is immortal. The specifics of his immortality have yet to be touched upon, though Madara implies the potency of his chakra has something to do with it. In battle he has been shown capable of making his body intangible, leaving him visible but otherwise impervious to most forms of damage. He can also teleport over great distances at will.

How can you get kimmimaro in his normal form in ntsd 2.3?

Kimimaro hasn't got normal form

In Naruto what are all the sharingan names?

In naruto there are different types of sharingan.The basic sharingan has three types. After them, there is mangekyou sharingan and then Eternal mangekyou sharingan.While the appearance of basic sharingan is same to all users but evey mangekyou sharingan has its unique pattern.naruto doesn't have sharingan and will never have one because he is not a member of the Uchiha clan. The Uchiha clan are the only people that are born with their sharingan.

In Naruto what is the Mugen Tsukuyomi?

Mugen Tsukuyomi is a Genjutsu so powerful it can control all mankind. Madara Uchiha plans to use this jutsu; it looks like a different form of eye, sharingan; that he will cast on the moon to control all mankind.