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94000130 fffc0000

28919fac ac450d3


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Q: What is the code for getting max coins in coin case in Pokemon Heart Gold US version?
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How do you buy coins in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you can not.

How do you get vulpix in Pokemon Yellow version?

Vulpix is found at the celadon game corner for 1,000 coins.

What city can you buy Pokemon in yellow version?

You can buy Pokemon using the gambling coins in Celadon City. The building to buy the Pokemon is right beside the casino

How do you get Abra in Pokemon Firered version?

You have to catch him in the wild (this is almost as hard as catching Moltres because he keeps telleporting), or you can buy 180 coins at the games corner in Celadon City. Enjoy getting your Abra.

Where get mrmime in Pokemon Silver version?

you can get it in one of the slot games in kato but u need 2222 coins from the slots

Catching Porygon in Pokemon Red version?

I dont know where to catch it but you can get porgon in cleadon city. You Have to buy it with your fake coins!

Where do you get scyther on Pokemon Red version?

Scyther is exclusive to Pokemon Red Version and therefore cannot be obtained anywhere in Blue except through glitching.

How do you get unlimited coins in Pokemon Red?

You can not get unlimited. Coins

How do you get TM24 Thunder Bolt in Pokemon HeartGold Version?

Tm thunder is in the power plant.

How do you earn coins on Pokemon volcano?

you have to fight pokemon to get some.

How do you obtain 20000 game coins in Pokemon pearl?

put the amulet coin on any Pokemon and you may have more coins

Where can you catch Pinsir in Red Version?

I don't think so, but you can get him from the Game Corner for some coins (600 I think, I'm not sure). Pinsir can only be caught or obtained in Pokemon Blue and must be traded in order for you to have it in Pokemon Red.