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for Pokemon diamond/pearl is:

9206B31E 00001808

0206B320 FB3EF7FB

94000130 FFF30000

0206B320 46C046C0

D2000000 00000000

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Q: What is the code for copying Pokemon?
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Is there an action replay code that gives you all the Pokemon in Pokemon platinum that works?

At the moment, no. However, there are several Pokemon Copying codes, as well as Wild Pokemon Modifier codes.

What is copying the code and does it relate to DNA?

Copying the genetic code is called DNA replication. It relates to DNA in that DNA carries the genetic code.

How do you get a snorunt in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

by copying it from Pokemon diamond,pearl,or platinum.

Does anyone have a AR code for marriland's team?

Go to YouTube and type in "Marrilands Team AR Code". I would recommend copying and pasting the code because it is a long one. PS:put 6 Pokemon you want to get rid of in your party, the after activating the code,press L&R together.

How do you unlock Darkrai on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You cannot Unlock Darkrai on this game only copying Pokemon will work.

What is the ar copying Pokemon on platinum code?

go to the cave to the legend Pokemon and beat it.then go through it find Cyrus then after save and turn off.turn on and a black dot with the ar code will go from place to place.find it five times in a row.aslo,the three legend phyicsy Pokemon will all be yours.beat girantia and all legand Pokemon will be yours.then go out of the cave and you'll find at least 300 rare candy

Can you uncopy pokemon from battle revalotion?

no, but you can replace them with their changed version by copying again!

Why does Pokemon Battle Revolution stop working when a johto Pokemon is battling after copying Pokemon from Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't transfer Pokemon that are intended for Nintendo DS onto a Wii game.

What is the name of the process where the code of DNA is transferred to a piece of RNA?

Transcription is the process of copying the code from DNA to mRNA.

What are you doing when you export a macro?

You are copying programming code from one application to another.

This process of copying an RNA message from the DNA code is called?


What is the code to get all Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

there is no such code.