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Q: What is the cheat to get 999 Battle points in Pokemon emerald?
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In Pokemon pearl is there a cheat to get a lot of battle points?

no there is not

Is there a way to keep battle factory Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

no way, except you use cheat

How does a Pokemon get 10000 exp points a battle on Pokemon platinum?

meesa gessin a cheat

What is the cheat to go to battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

Use a teleporting one or just beat the elite four

On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Mew?

you have to cheat

Is there a cheat to get a dragonscale in Pokemon emerald?

There is no legitimate cheat to get the Dragonscale item in Pokemon Emerald. You would have to hack the game with an action replay.

Can you cheat on Pokemon emerald with ds ar?


How can you cheat on Pokemon Emerald?

Use a gameshark.

How do you cheat unlimited master balls in Pokemon emerald?

You can't have unlimited master balls although u can give the master ball to a Pokemon and duplicate it at battle frontier

Is there a cheat to get all the Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

NO! Yes you can but you can but you have to buy Game Shark (Cheat Pak) :) By Awestly

Cheats for the Game Boy game emerald?

well... to know the cheat in Pokemon emerald just watch a you tube just type this, how to cheat in Pokemon just enter ..ok

Can you get Rayquaza earlyer in Pokemon emerald with a cheat and if so how?

Cheating is for the weak...... And no... There is NO cheat!!