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There ISNT, idiot. its a gym badge.

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2011-02-26 06:18:49
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Q: What is the cheat code for fly anywhere in Pokemon heart gold?
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What is the cheat code to get arseus?

there is no cheat code u have to use an action reply ds and get the Pokemon mod code to get any Pokemon from anywhere

Is there a cheat code for unlimited masterballs in Pokemon Heart Gold?

yes download it heartgold on your ar and you get the code

Can you get arceus in Pokemon Heart Gold without a cheat code?

I am pretty sure but I forgot where

How do you use the 999 master ball cheat code in Pokemon Heart Gold?

I dought u can

Run anywhere cheat of Pokemon diamond?

There is a problem with that code the player starts running into the black and runs automatically

Pokemon pearl- what is the run anywhere cheat?

here is the code ^_^:b21c5a08 00000000da000000 0000210cd3000000 00000000d7000000 023fcc00d2000000 00000000

Is there a cheat code to encounter any pokemon in pokemon yellow?

Yes there is. But, you have to type in every single pokemon cheat code.

What is a cheat code to get all the Pokemon in heart gold?

There is no cheat code to give you every Pokemon. You can use a Gameshark or a similar peripheral to give you a complete pokedex but not every Pokemon. Why would you want to do that? Kinda defeats the purpose of buying and playing the game.

Cheat code Pokemon shiny or Pokemon fire red?

No there is no cheat code for that but there is a Action replay code like that for diamond and peral.

What is the cheat code to set Pokemon on Pokemon black?

if its DS the cheat is AYYAB

What is the code for Pokemon Pearl's Pokemon modifier?

The cheat code is 69056472444432

Is there a cheat code for catching all Pokemon in Pokemon platinum if so can you show it?

you need the modidfier cheat code for it.

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