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There isn't one, but you can use pokesav.

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Q: What is the cheat code for all Pokemon lv 100 Pokemon platinum?
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What is the pokedex 100 percent complete cheat for Pokemon platinum for AR?

that's what im trying to figure out ! im not sure if theres a code for it :(

What is the cheat for 10 shiny legendary Pokemon all level 100 for Pokemon platinum?


Pokemon platinum code level 99 Pokemon?

I can only give you a code that has any Pokemon you want lv. 100.

Is there a way or code to disable the 100 percent pokedex cheat for Pokemon Diamond?

no there is not pokemon_1996_master: what is that cheat? can anyone tell me about the 100 percent pokedex cheat for Pokemon diamond?

How do you get a level 100 cheat on action replay for Pokemon platinum?

you need the rare candy cheat tan feed them with it and done

Is there a Pokemon level 100 shiny cheat code?

Im sorry no

Is There a cheat code for Pokemon Ranger called 100 percent Pokedex?


What is the code for a lv 100 mewtwo on Pokemon platinum?

What moves do you want it to know?

What is the 100 percent catch rate ar cheat code for platinum?

100% catch rate for platinum: 12060B90 0000E00A 12060BF6 0000E001 12060C94 0000E008 Welcome....:)

Is there a Pokemon Platinum action replay code to get a platinum flag in there secret base underground?

Pokemon Platinum Action Replay Code Cheat for 100 People Met and 100 Flags in Underground. Here's the code 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 00003CC8 00000064 00003CFC 00000064 D2000000 00000000 Type that in mate. Then press L+R, and maybe select, I did all 3. But if you check your card after you'll have the extra star and VOLA! Your set.

What is the action replay code to put wonder guard on Pokemon platinum?

i want more then a 100 of pokemon.

What is the action replay cheat code of a complete national dex in Pokemon platinum please give me the shortest code for completing the national dex?

I Belvia there is no cheat like 100% full protege's, that cheat is for diamond and pearl.Believe or not, this is me who posted this question in public, hey I saw all platinum cheat codes for completing the national proteges and they were too long, maybe there is another shorter code for completing the national DEC, please tell me the shortest code for that, good luck.PA'S.this cheat dint work be live me iv triedOk, I've got nothin to do now!