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There is a 12.5 % change of getting an female combee, and 87.5 % of getting an male one. If you see a honey tree "wiggling" you should save before "talking" to it. If you enter the honey tree battle and it's a male combee, press these buttons simultaneously;

L, R,select,start

This button combination makes a "soft reset" which is equal to turning your DS on and off, but only restarts the Pokemon game, which makes the catching of a combee a lot easier!

Happy hunt!


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Q: What is the chance of getting a female combee on honey tree in platinum?
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How do you get a female combee in heartgold?

When you encounter a Combee, there is a 12.5% chance that it will be female. See related link for details on where to catch Combee.

What is the evolves of combee?

If it is a male combee, then it won't evolve. The chances of getting a male combee are 87.5%. If it is a female, it will evolve in a Vespiquen at level 21. The chances of getting a female combee are 12.5%. Female combee's also have a red marking on the lowest one's head.

How does combee evolve?

Combee will evolve into Vespiqueen at level 21, but only if it is female. Male Combee do not evolve. There is a 1/8 chance of a wild Combee being female. This is really rare in HG and SS because Combee are a rare spawn period.

How do you evolve a combee into a vespiquen on Pokemon platinum?

You need to level it up to 20 AND it has to be Female

Who in platinum wants to see a male and female combee?

a person inside their house at pastoria city

How do you get data for Combee on Pokemon Platinum?

sometimes on a honey tree but if you want to evolve it you NEED IT TO BE FEMALE

Where do you get a female combee in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Where you catch males. There is 12.5% chance the Combee will be female. You catch combee by headbutting trees in these places: Route 5 Route 6 Route 7 Route 8 Route 11 Route 16 Route 25 Cerulean City Vermillion City Celadon City You can also catch combee in the bug-catching contest. Thursday- 5% chance Combee level 27-34 Saturday- 5% chance Combee level 27-34

Is it possible to hatch a female combee from an egg?

Yes, but the possibilities of getting a female is tiny. Most likely you'll get a male combee. Only female combees can evolve into vespiquen.

What Pokemon come to trees with honey in Pokemon platinum?

i think that u can get combee i dunno bout vespiqueen though. i think that you have to evolve a female combee for a vespiqueen.You can find combee, aipom, heracross, munchlax and others. :P

What's the difference of a female combee and a male combee?

Female Combee is rarer, and only the females can evolve. THE FEMALE COMBEE CAN ONLY EVOLVE WHY? I DON'T KNOW ASK SOME ONE ELES FROM HANNAH 2822

How do you catch a vespiquen?

To get one you must put honey on a sweet smelling tree(Golden trees) and wait seven hours and try to get a combee. Then you raise it to Vespiquen. (There is a 24% chance of running into Combee so put honey on different trees!)

What does a male combee evolve into?

No, Combee only evolves when it's a female. Male Combee only stay as their base form.