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You need to level it up to 20 AND it has to be Female

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Q: How do you evolve a combee into a vespiquen on Pokemon platinum?
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When does combee evolve into vespiquen?

A Combee will evolve at level 21 to a Vespiquen

What level does combee evolve into vespiquen?

A female Combee will evolve into Vespiquen at level 21.

How do you find a Vespiquen in Pokemon Diamond?

Evolve a female combee at level 21

How do you get a vespqean in Pokemon pearl?

Not sure how to get the vespiquen, but if you slather Honey on a tree, then you might come across a combee. Then, you can level the combee up and itll evolve into a vespiquen.

How do you get vespiquen in Pokemon Black and White?

Evolve a female Combee, which are found on Route 12

What does combee evolve into?

Any lv21 female COMBEE will get to be the queen (VESPIQUEN).

What does a male combee evolve into?

No, Combee only evolves when it's a female. Male Combee only stay as their base form.

Do you have to trade combee to get vespiquen Pokemon heart gold soul silver?

No, just catch a combee female and then tain it to level 21 and it will evolve

Where can you find a vespiquen in Pokemon diamond?

If you have a Combee, a vespiqueen can evolve at level 21. Or the First Elite Leauge dude has it.

How do you catch combee in pearl?

Combee is a rare pokemon. One of the rare pokemon scattered all over the region of Sinnoh.Are you going to evolve into Vespiquen. Since Action replay is bad, you could use it to catch the First Elite Four's Leader Pokemon, Vespiquen.

How do you evolve combee?

combee evolvs at levle10 it cn only be a girl if not it wont evolve and only learns junk movesFemale Combee evolve into Vespiquen starting at level 21. Male Combee do not evolve.

What level does combee evolve in Pokemon platinum?

21 hope that helps :)