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I'll give you two biggest cheat codes!

testingcheatsenabled true

The cheat code above is to get a sims heath up


This cheat above is to gives your sims more cash

Please use these codes!

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Q: What is the biggest cheat code for the sims 3?
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Is there a cheat code for skills on sims 3?

No, there is no cheat code for skills on The Sims 3.

What is the cheat code for McDonald's on The Sims 2 and 3?

There is no cheat for Mcdonalds in the Sims 2 or 3

What is the cheat code for sims 3?

1 cheat code is "motherlode" for $50,000

What if your Sims 3 cheat code console does not pop up?

then you cant cheat.

Is there a cheat code to get your Sim boy alien Pregnant in the Sims 3?


Can you use a cheat code on Sims 3 to master skills?

No... not that I have found.

What do cheat code?

you mean what does cheat codes do?if you meant that, here's your answer!cheat code is a type of a code that unlocks something in a if you type motherlode in the Sims 3 you will get $50,000

Where do you enter the cheat code for sims 3?

use Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat menu

Does the cheat code 'motherload' for money give you viruses on The Sims 3?

it hasn't for me

How can you enable the unlock outfits in the sims 3 world adventures?

The cheat code is: unlockoutfits on

How do you get the box up for the cheat code in sims 3?

Control + Shift + C should pull up the cheat console.

Can a sim fly on The Sims 3?

No, but maybe there is some kind of cheat code that will let you, but I doubt it.