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Q: What is the cheat code to have more then 3 kids on sims 2 pets on ps2?
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On sims 2 pets wii how do you get the cheat gnome to come up?

I'm not sure how to access the cheat gnome, but once you know the cheat gnome (or master code) hold down B and press up, left, down, right.

Is there cheat for the sims 2 pets?

Here for a whole list: just these for Sims 2 Pets:(Taken from Turns Pet Free Will OffHold down CTRL, SHIFT, and C and enter boolprop PetsFreeWill [true/false].Collar Types Cheat: Appearance CodesBlack Dot Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQQ1IQ9QHA64Black Dot Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZZ1IQ9QHA64Black Smiley Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZ1RQ9QHA64Black Smiley Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQARQ9QHA64Blue Bones Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZARQ9QHA64Blue Bones Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZ1IZ9QHA64Blue Camouflage Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQ1IQ9QHA64Blue Camouflage Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZ1RQ9QHA64Blue Star Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZ1IZ9QHA64Blue Star Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQ1IQ9QHA64Green Flower Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQZAIQ9QHA64Green Flower Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZZ1RQ9QHA64Navy Hearts Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQZ1IQ9QHA64Navy Hearts Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQZ1IQ9QHA64Orange Diagonal Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZAIQ9QHA64Orange Diagonal Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQZ1IZ9QHA64Pink Vertical Strip Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQQARQ9QHA6Pink Vertical Strip Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZAIQ9QHA64White Paws Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQQ1RQ9QHA64White Paws Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQ1IZ9QHA64White Zebra Stripe Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQ1IZ9QHA6White Zebra Stripe Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZ1IQ9QHA64Fur ColorsBlue Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZAIQ9QHA64Blue Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQQ1IZ9QHA64Deep Red Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQQAIQ9QHA64Deep Red Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQ1RQ9QHA64Goofy Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZQ1IZ9QHA64Goofy Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZZARQ9QHA64Green Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQQAIZ9QHA64Green Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQAIQ9QHA64Light Green Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQ1RQ9QHA64Light Green Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQ1RQ9QHA64Neon Green Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQAIQ9QHA64Neon Green Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQQAIQ9QHA64Neon Yellow Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZZQARQ9QHA64Neon Yellow Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQQAIZ9QHA64Pink Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZ1IZ9QHA64Pink Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQZ1RQ9QHA64Purple Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQQZARQ9QHA64Purple Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQQZAIZ9QHA64Fur PatternsBandit Mask Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZZAIZ9QHA64Bandit Mask Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRQZQARQ9QHA64Panda Cats - code: EEGJ2YRQZQAIZ9QHA6Star Cats - code: EEGJ2YRZQZARQ9QHA6Star Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZQZAIZ9QHA64Zebra Stripes Dogs - code: EEGJ2YRZZQAIZ9QHA64Hold down CTRL, SHIFT, and C and enter Boolprop ControlPets [On/Off] to gain control of pets. Cheat: Control PetsNote - alters a game critical file. Back up the file elsewhere, or you screw yourself with a neat re-install or try to track down and kill the errant file. Hint: Enabling More Than 6 PetsLocate the SOO29582617-config-log file in the game install directory (i.e., My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Logs). Open the file with Notepad.exe or similar text editor and locate the string: uintProp maxTotalPets 6During the game you would bring up the cheat window using CTRL + SHFT + C and type in the code replacing the 6 with a higher number such as 25, you would be able to have more pets in your house.However, the only way to get more pets would be to create them in the create-a-family mode, and then combine those pets and your household together. However, once you have 6 pets, none of your pets can become pregnant (even with the cheat). Also, you cannot adopt another pet, marry someone who has pets, or have someone move in with more pets, even with the cheat activated. But hey, at least there's one way you can get more pets.Also, next to that line of code in the text document were the codes: uintProp maxTotalHumans 8 OR uintProp maxTotalSims 10I tried those, and I suppose they have something to do with how many sims can live on your lot, but I'm really not yet sure how they work. Maybe someone else can make more sense of it.

What are some cheat codes for Sims 3 Pets?


Is there a max all motives cheat for sims 2 pets?

No sorry there is no motive cheat on the sims pets. Edit: There is none for Sims Pets, but there is one for Sims 2 Pets. It is 'maxMotives', also type in 'help' in the Sims 2. That will give you a large list of cheats. Note: Must be in Sims 2, or it will not work.

What is the installing code for sims 2 pets?

the instalation code for the sims 2 pets is located on the back of the manual for the sims 2 pets. this code is different from any other code on any other CD so it is pretty much impossible to play without one

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What is the cheat code for sims2 pets to have a baby as an adult?

I dont think that there is a cheat code for that but you can breed them with other pets.

What is the Sims 2 psp pets fire code cheat code?

there is no fire code

What is the code for a child in sims 2 pets?

can sims pets have kids

What is the cheat code for kids on sims 2 pets for ps2?

i dont think there is one but, try looking for it on the internet!!!it might be there. i suggest you try typing in "baby cheat for the sims 2 pets ps2"hope i was atleast some help!!lol!!! good luck!!

Codes or cheats for super pets?

There is no cheat code for super secret but I think this will help : AFK AND HEARTS i think that might help but there is surely no cheat code for super secret.

How do you activate the gnome code in the Sims 2 Pets for PlayStation 2?

once you have acquired the cheat gnome you must enter a code e.g. to acivate the money cheat on the gnome you will have to enter the code for money

How can you control the pets in ps2 sims 2 pets?

=I don't think you can but if you go to a cheat website I think there would be a code for it but I have never heard of it.=

For Sims 2 pets what's the cheat code for all of the levels on GameCube?

you can have a baby heres a cheat cicle triangle r1 r1

Does J.K Rowling have any pets?

No she doesn't have any pets. She is more interested in her kids.

How YOU have babies in the sims 2 pets ps2 is there a cheat code?

I don't think theres a cheat code for sims 2 pets playstation 2 . I have wondered this many times and i was trying to find it if i find it i will let you know. Iv'e had the game a year now and you cannot have babies cause your too busy looking after pets

How do you enter a cheat code on insaniquarium?

type in the cheat code you want on main screen and/or tank screen. ex) type zombie on tank screen to make all fish look dead. type pets on main screen to select 4 pets in adventure mode.

Is their a cheat code for having babies on sims 2 pets for the playstation 2?

no you can't you can only do it in computer games

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