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if your a low lvl and want money and training at the same time

then kill cows!

take their cow hides and sell them!

you will get 10k for every full inventory you sell!

plus if you want to get your prayer up take their bones and bury them

if your a higher lvl and have enough money then train on something almost the same lvl as you never higher because you'll be suprised how high they hit

but remember to always bring food like lobsters, trout and swordfish

never bring shimp it won't be enough to heal you fully in a battle.

For more experienced players you should go kill Green Dragons for a load of cash. By only collecting Dragon Bones, you can hit 150K per inventory excluding the cost of sharks or other food. Sharks are recommended for their ability to heal 200LP. Now that PK is back, just beware of smart PKers especially mages because they can just camp there and when an innocent RuneScapean comes along to slay the dragons like you, they can kill you easily. I got killed from Entangle Spell and 2 ice barrages. Just be careful slaying dragons now that PK is back. AND don't forgot an Anti-dragon, Anti-fire shield or Anti-fire pots so you dont get hit like 600s(max) by the Dragons breath!!

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Q: What is the best way to train in runescape?
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What is a good way to train combat in Runescape?

A good way to train combat in Runescape is to go to Soul wars. whats the best thing if im nonmembers

What is the best way to train your skills on RuneScape?

The easiest way is with a mystical lamp.

Best way to train strength in runescape?

Fighting. Actually it's the only way.

What is the best way to train with 60 srength on runescape?

try killing experiments.

What is the best way for a level 66 member to train defence in runescape?

The best and most efficient way to train defense on runescape member's worlds is to train on rock crabs. Rock crabs have 500HP, low defense, and a maximum hit of 15, they also drop clue scrolls.

What is the best way to train in runescape and get some cash for non-members?

Karambja Volcano, Lesser Demons.

What is the best monster to train on for a level on runescape?

a nobermom

Can i have a free high level runescape account?

here's the best way to get a high level runescape acount. make an acount train all skills to 70 then train bandits till you have 99 in every combat skill. now you have a high level runescape acount :)

What is the best way to train cooking and fishing in runescape?

fish food and then chop logs and make a fire with tinderbox and then cook

How do you get 99 defense in RuneScape?

training at Baxtorian falls is the best way, but you need to be a member. otherwise train at demons in karambja

What is the best way to train strength in runescape?

just beat st00f up until they die and their guts come out runescape experienced player-p purestr (lvl 80)

What is the easiest way to train str on runescape?

the easiest way to train strength would be the Soul Wars minigame.