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well try to get his health low and use the best balls! like the net ball master ball ultra ball!

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Q: What is the best way to catch heatran in pokemon pearl?
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Who is the best Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Pearl?

the best Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon pearl is heatran

What is the best fire pokemon to catch in pokemon pearl?

I would say.... heatran, but it's two types, part steel. Infernape and Flareon are good too, but you have to get eevee and chimchar first.

What is the best Pokemon Pearl code?

the wild Pokemon modifier code. you can catch an Pokemon with it.

Who is the best Pokemon to catch?

in pearl palkia in diamond diagla

What are the best Pokemon you can catch in pearl?

Honestly, I think the best Pokemon in Pearl would have to be draginite,salamance,palkia,or magye even gallade.

With which pokeball can you catch Heatran in Pokemon Platinum and Pearl?

I would prefer ultra ball. Take him/her to 1-5hp then make him have a status condition(not burn or poison)the best is sleep. try to catch it it will have a 50% to catch it. ^Dusk Ball has a better chance than an Ultra Ball. In caves or at night (Heatran will always be encountered in a cave), Dusk Balls are twice as effective as an Ultra Ball.

Where is best place to catch grass Pokemon on pearl?

Eterna Forest.

Best fire Pokemon?


What are the best 6 Pokemon in pearl?

1. acres 2. giratina 3.darkrai 4.cresilia 5.heatran 6.shaymin

What is the best fire type on Pokemon?


What is the best poke ball to catch Heatran in diomand?

Master Ball is the best but I use the Dusk Ball and it worked==:COMMENTS:==~Silver*: Duhh? Master balls can catch any wild Pokemon -.-ll

What are the best natures for the Pokemon Gallade Rhyperior Lapras Furret Shedinja and Heatran?

its heatran