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i think its a poliwrath because it'll learn fighting type moves with water and it learns mind reader at level 53 which makes any attack u use the next turn hit even if the opponent used fly or dive,dig ect...

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Q: What is the best water type Pokemon in soul silver?
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What is the best water pokemon in soul silver?

no legendary:gyarados legendary:lugia -megaman9999

What is the best place to train in Pokemon soul silver?

Mt. Silver or the Pokemon league

In Pokemon Soul Silver what is the best Pokemon to use your master ball on?


Where is the best place to train in soul silver besides mt silver?

The Pokemon League

What is the best starter Pokemon on Pokemon soul silver?

chikorita it gets pretty tough

What is the best Pokemon you can get by headbutting trees in Soul Silver?


What is the best starter statistically in Pokemon soul silver?

Cyndaquil by far

How can you go in the water in soul silver?

By getting a water type Pokemon & teaching it surf

What are the legendary Pokemon soul?

Well, I guess you mean "Soul Silver", and the main legendary Pokemon is Lugia, Water/Flying-Type.

What Pokemon evolves from water stone in soul silver?

Eevee into Vaporeon. Really good Pokemon.

How do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon soul silver?

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

What are the best Pokemon to beat the elitefour in soul ilvr?

I Don't know what Soul Ilver is, but i know Soul Silver. I'f your looking for Ex-p then the champions pokemon are best. if your looking for easy then Will's pokemon are good