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personally i prefer the mp40 but others may say the ak74u which is in the alley way

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Q: What is the best wall gun on kino der toten?
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How do you get wonderwaffle on black ops kino de toten?

its not on kino der toten

What does the green lights on the wall mean in kino der toten?

That is the mystery box location.

What does kino der toten mean?

Kino der Toten means cinema of the dead.

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Where is kino der toten?

According to the wiki, West Berlin Kino Der toten is also German for "Cinema of the dead" so it is somewhere in Germany of course, and what better place than Berlin to hold out against zombies.

What does kino der toten mean in English?

cinema of the dead

Can you get the wonderwaffe in black ops?

Kino der toten

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The Call of duty Kino der toten musical Easter egg is Bring me 115 by Eliena Siegman

What does kino der reice mean?

Do you mean Kino der Toten? If so, it's German for Theatre of the Dead.

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it is enless