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Hmm..... There is no accurate answer for this question. Because there is no best team on Pokemon, you just need to consider the pros and cons of the Pokemons to create a good team. Well, my team goes like this.

(No trading, supportive moves or TMs)

Torterra - Earthquake / Leaf Storm / Crunch / Cut ( needed to teach someone this )

Mothim - Silver Wind / Psychic / Air Slash / Bug Buzz

Staraptor - Brave Bird / Close Combat / Fly / Aerial Ace

Gyrados - Hydro Pump / Ice Fang / Surf / Waterfall ( I didn't teach it Hyper Beam because I don't like moves that need resting )

Raichu - Thunder / Strength / Slam / Discharge

Lucario - Close Combat / Dragon Pulse / Rock Climb / Rock Smash ( need to teach someone this )

PokeFanRyan's Best Team would be:

Infernape - Flare Blitz/ Flamethrower/ Blaze Kick/ Fire Fang

Staraptor - Brave Bird/ Close Combat/ Air Slash/ Sky Attack

Raichu - Thunderbolt/ Iron Tail/ Volt Tackle/ Thunder

Golem - Hyper Beam/ Protect/ Earthquake/ Explosion

Lucario - Aura Sphere/ Bone Rush/ Force Palm/ Dragon Pulse

Floatzel - Ice Punch/ Ice Beam/ Ice Fang/ Surf

Meganium (As A Substitute) Petal Dance/ Synthesis/ Magical Leaf/ SolarBeam

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Q: What is the best team on diamond and pearl?
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Best Pokémon team on Pokémon Diamond?

mainly its your rival inpokemon platinum but Cynthia on Pokemon diamond and pearl

What are the Pokemon team in Pokemon Diamond?

Both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have Team Galactic as the main antagonist team.

Can you jion team galactic in Pokemon Pearl?

You may not join Team Galactic in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond.

What is the best team in diamond and pearl?

the best team in Pokemon pearl is Torterra Rapidash Floatzel Staraptor Weavile Luxray its up to you to decide what you want but try to cover all types

What is the best team to have in Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum?

I use Ho-oh arceus darkrai jirachi groudon and deoxys

What is best diamond or pearl?

They are both equivalent, with minor changes in what Pokemon appear, such as Kabuto in Pearl and Omanyte in Diamond.

Which gem is a pearl's best friend?


What is a good team for Pokemon Diamond or pearl that has no legendary and part of the normal Dex?

A good team for Pokemon diamond or pearl is probably Empoleon, Staraptor, Roserade or, Steelix, Machamp, and Haunter or Gengar.

How do you get Pokémon in your team in Pokémon battle arena?

Import them from Diamond & Pearl.

What is best team in Pokemon pearl?

my team

Who is the best last stage starter in diamond and pearl?

Empoleon is the best!

What game is it best to catch Magmar in?

well there's two diamond and pearl an Pokemon ranger i would go with diamond and pearl