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I don't know if there is a 'best' team, but I always use Mewtwo, Venasaur, Moltres, Articuno, Tyranitar, and Dragonite. I can't get Zapdos because my brother killed it then saved. But if you catch him/her, you should use it in place of Tyranitar.

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Well, my team is a lvl 100 charizard with flamethrower, earthquake, dragon claw, and heat wave

lvl 100 alakazam with calm mind, psycic, reflect, and firepunch

lvl 100 suicune with calm mind, hydro pump, surf, and ice beam

lvl 100 dragonite with thunderbolt, flamethrower, ice beam, and surf

lvl 100 tyranitar with crunch, earthquake, flamethrower and thunderbolt

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Q: What is the best team in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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What is the best team for Pokemon league in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Well my team was Wigglytuff charizard

What is a good team to be a t elite 4 in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

The best team to beat elite 4 in Pokemon firered and leafgreen are the first six Pokemon you caught and trained

What do you do to beat Pokemon LeafGreen?

Beat the Pokemon league and fill the pokedex. Raise a team, and challenge all of your friends to be the best.

Which is the best dragon Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

dragonite is the strongest dragon there is in leafgreen

Who is the best Pokemon team on firered leafgreen?

Pokemon with high levels and good stats people that say legendarys dont know what their talking about:)

How do you get in to silphCO in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you get it at team rockets hide out

Where do you get team rockets passwords in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Best Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I think its moltres

What are the best Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I guess Zapdos

What are the best Pokemon's in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

the best Pokemon are mewto and the rarest Pokemon ever mew.

What Pokemon is best to battle lance in Pokemon LeafGreen?


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