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All the starters are equally good.

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Q: What is the best stater in Pokemon platinum?
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What are the three stater Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

turtwig,chimchar,and piplup

What is the best stater you can get in Pokemon White?

a tepig\

How do you get spirtomb in Pokemon Platinum?

try your best to find spirtomb in Pokemon platinum

What is the best Pokemon that you can get on Pokemon Platinum?


Which Pokemon is the best in Pokemon Platinum?


What are the best pokemon you can get in Pokemon Platinum?

6 bidoof

Which is the best Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

the answer is mew two

Which beginer Pokemon is better in platinum?

well to opinion the best beginner in Pokemon platinum is chimchar

Action replay code for all stater Pokemon in platinum?

i dont no go to super or code or club pegiun for the code you stupit boy

Is Pokemon ranger guardian signs better than Pokemon Platinum?

Most definitely not! Pokemon Platinum is by far the best. Let the best trainer win!

What is the best pokmon game ever?


What is the best Pokemon level 100 on Pokemon platinum?