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Q: What is the best starter Pokemon to choose in Pokemon diamond?
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Who is the best starter in Pokemon diamond?

the best Pokemon to pick at the start is PIPLUP or CHIMCHAR

What is the best Pokemon to start in Pokemon Diamond?

piplup is the best starter pokermon piplup is the best starter pokermon --------------------------- I chosed Turtwig grass type

What is the best Pokemon to choose as a starter in Pokemon Gold?

I think its totodile by far.

What are the starter Pokemon for platinum?

in order from best starter to worse Piplup Turtwig Chimchar

How to breed Pokemon faster on Pokemon Diamond?

the best way is to buy a game cheat and choose breed faster

What Are the best Pokemon to challange the Pokemon league in diamond?

A level 60 or up starter Pokemon dialgua or palkia and any Pokemon over 60 just not graveler

Which starter Pokemon is the best in Pokemon ruby destiny?

you should choose torchic because fire and fighting is good at most hoenn gyms

Which starter from diamond and pearl is the best?

There are all pretty good Pokemon but my opinion is Chimchar. He evolves into fire/fighting type.

In Pokemon diamond what would be the best team for gardenia if your starter was piplup?

use flying ice fire or bug type pokemon, they are usually the most effective

Can you get the starter Pokemon in the first game you play diamond?

first of all:when you see question answers about who's the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon diamond\pearl and say a Pokemon the real answer is:there is no best starter Pokemon because empoleon's blizzard takes down torterra and empoleon's hydro cannon beats up infernape.infernape's close combat beats up empoleon infernape's blast burn unnilates torterra.torterra's eartquake tears infernape into peices torterra's frenzy plant slices empoleon.second of all:yes

How do you catch treecko in Pokemon liquid crystal?

You can't catch Treecko, because it's a starter pokemon. There's only one in the whole game and if you didn't choose it as your starter in Littleroot you can't catch it later.

Who is the best starter pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Three of them is the best. But the onnly thing you should know is: Their Moves. It is important to teach them TM/HM Because If you choose the wrong TM/HM your Pokemon will eventually become weak.