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Green Dragons are a good monster to kill for their bones and hide and rune daggers, herbs, runes, level 3 clue scrolls, etc. 300xp per kill and if you get a cannon you get faster xp just wear rune crossbow and anti d shield or dragonfire shield.

Tz-Haar guards are good to kill because you can safe them and they drop obby cape, obby shield, obby mace, tokkul, etc.

Fire Giants are really good because they drop a lot of rune items such as scimitars they have very low defence so you can own them easily. Ring Of Wealth will help you have a better chance at these drops too.

you can buy knives and range yaks, those are fast xp.

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Q: What is the best monster to range on runescape for a level 79 with 70 range?
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What is the best monster to train on for a level on runescape?

a nobermom

What is the best monster to range on runescape for a level 51-58?

level 25 experiments are weak but have 100hp giving you 400 exp per kill - located near canfis, morytania.

RuneScape - what is the best monster for a level 71 to kill in RuneScape for experience?

At your level, I would say killing Experiments ( Level 25 - 100Hp = 400exp per kill ) near Canfis.

Best monster to kill in RuneScape?

The best monster to kill in Runescape would be the King Black Dragon.

What is the best monster for a level 95 to kill in runescape for experience?

in the deep wilderness against greater demon level 92

How do you raise up your life in runescape?

get a larger range or strength level works best

What monster is the best monster to get defence up on runescape?


What runescape monster is best for a lvl 60 to train range on?

There is a "Demon" at the top of the "Mages Tower"in "Draynor Village" that's excellent for Ranged and Magic training alike.

What monster is the best to train on for lvl 60 range on runescape?

There is experiments near Canfis under one of the grave stones, if you do the creature of fenkenstrain quest, it will show you how to get under it, and what gravestone your looking for, kill the level 25 ones for training they are weak, but the exp is very decent.

In runescape What is the best monster to kill for high level items?

Corporeal Beast, Mithril Dragon, Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, Tormented Demons, Chaos Elemental.

In runescape for the members what monster drops the most summoning charms?

Black dragons is the best!

What is best monster to train attack without having to do a quest on runescape?

Hill giants.