What is the best gear on Roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no "best" gear. Of course, that relates to your opinion. Whatever you think is the best, then go for it! Not everyone will think the same. MY OPINION:

Melee: ghostwalker

Ranged: Artemis bow

Explosion: RC tank (also know for ranged)

Social: Body Swap Potion

Music Instrument: Sonic Boom Tuba (also know for ranged)

power-up: any annoying elf (MAY be known for ranged)

Personal Transportation: Ghost Hoverboard (may suck if U dont know how to use it.)

navigational enchancer: Explosive Super GLider (also know as ranged)

That's my opinion. You may have another, I dont care. You might think these are good. These are my "best".

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Q: What is the best gear on Roblox?
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