How do you add gear in Roblox?

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2011-11-15 20:20:32

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Simple! You can't! Only Roblox can create and upload Gear to the catalog but as a alternative you can create your own gear and upload it as a Model for other users to take and try in games.

If your lucky ROBLOX COULD publish it!

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2011-11-15 20:20:32
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Q: How do you add gear in Roblox?
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How do you make gear on roblox?

You can't. Only ROBLOX administrators can make gear.

What happens when you add gear to a ROBLOX game?

You use it and try it. If the game has special gear you can use it but if the game has no rules you can play with your gear. Find me im the thebeastnoob @edenis4 twitter.

Can you get free gear on Roblox?

Sometimes, very rarely, there is free gear on Roblox. Another way is to win contests. But there is no other absolute way to get free gear on Roblox.

How do you set a price for gear on roblox?

Only ROBLOX can sell gear, and set a price, sorry.

Can you get gear with tix on roblox?

Maybe. Sometimes Roblox sells some gear for a couple of tix.

What was the first gear on roblox?

it was ROBLOX Classic Brigand's Sword

How do you make your own gear on roblox?

You can not make gear, but you can email the roblox people to make your own gear. (i told them to make a dance potion)

When I take free gear on Roblox why won't it add to my gear?

It might be an model of some creation of a look- a- like , so that`s what it might be so sorry if I am wrong.

How do you get Robux on Roblox without buying it or buying Builders Club?

When designing a Roblox game, you can add gamepasses and gears onto your game. When making a gamepass, you get 10% of the price you sell it for; the other 90% goes back to Roblox. About the gears, if you add a Roblox gear onto your game page and someone buys it from there, you get 10% of the Robux gear's original price.

How do you get free gear on roblox?

You can't get free gear.

What happens if Roblox gear expires?

You can renew it by pressing the gear.

What Roblox gear do you like?


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