What is the best f2p pet you could have in runescape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Maybe Skeletal Puppy but Jagex didn't make it a Halloween Reward this year (2010).

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Q: What is the best f2p pet you could have in runescape?
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How do you get a pet in rune scape on a free account?

Answer:You Cannot Get A Pet On F2P Runescape Unless You Have Done The 2009 Halloween Event In Witch You Recive Eek.

How can you get a pet in RuneScape?

talk to the pet shop owner in taverly

How do you talk to your pet dog in runescape?

a you have to do is get 14 summoning and you can talk to pet dogs

How do you get a pet gecko in runescape?

You have to hunt it in karamja.

How do you do the pet rock glitch in runescape?

bc you cann

What do geckos eat in RuneScape?

gecko's eat flies and you can buy flies in pet shops all over runescape

How do you get rid of a pet cat in RuneScape?

To get rid of a pet cat in runescape just simply release it. Open the pet catalog and click the release button. And when it say "Do you really want to release" say YES!! Or you can starve your cat to death.

What is the best pet for a girl?

Well a good soft calm pet could be a cat. Not a frog.

Will your pet get hungry or run away when your offline in runescape?

Not if they are in your bank.

Can baby pet dragons attack in runescape?

No, no pets in runescape can attack, only summoning familiars that you spawn can attack back.

Are chickens one of the best pet's?

personally i say no i think dogs are the best pets you could get

How do you get a pet lizard on runescape?

You have to be a member and if you are go to the G-M in Varrock ok.