What is the best eletric pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the best eletric pokemon?
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Where can you get the Magmarizer in Pokemon platinum?

i think in the place where their is eletric

What is strong against eletric type pokemon?


How do you fight luster surge in Pokemon soulsilver?

just use high level pokemon that have ground type moves, since hes eletric =]

What do you do after you beat your father in Pokemon Emerald?

Go to Mawille(eletric gym town) and there will be a gym leader... there is no gym leader

What does an electric Pokemon can beat?

eletric can beat water , flying and i cant not be bothed to asnwer not very much effect and has no effet i suggest get the pokemon guide book

What kills eletric type pokemon?

Ground type moves are super effective against Electric type, that is the only weakness that electric types have.

Where is best place in lot to park car in hurricane?

parking lot with no eletric line or trees around

Which principle is used in a piezo-eletric property of a crystal?

the piezo-eletric property of a crystal is the principle of quartz clock

How do you get to florescent dragon?

eletric and ice

How do eletric weedeaters work?

you turn them on.

Who invented the eletric light?

Thomas Edison.

Who invented the eletric oven?

Thomas Ahearn