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have a pokemon with false swipe and hypnosis, such as gallade, make it fall asleep and then use false swipe until it is down to one HP, I prefer not to poison it because it could faint but if its asleep it won't faint. Then throw the right kind of pokeball at it.


I'd have to say the best and easiest Pokemon to catch is your starter since it is given to you and is usually quite useful, barring that easiest would be anything of a low lvl I just throw Pokeballs and catch once I'm lvl 30 and above and the Pokemon are lvl 10 and lower. But anything of a low lvl 10 and below is easy to catch. As for easy and good any of the downloads/giveaways would work.

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Q: What is the best and easiest Pokemon to catch?
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What is the easiest legendary to catch in Pokemon black?


What is easiest way to catch a shiny Pokemon?

The same way you would catch a normal Pokemon. The only difference is is that the Pokemon is shiny.

What is the easiest way to catch Pokemon?

use a poke-ball on it

What is the easiest way to catch a Pokemon?

use a master ball

In which Pokemon game is Feebas easiest to catch?

Saphire Version

What is the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon's catch rate can range from 3 (hardest to catch) to 255 (easiest to catch). Hardest to catch (catch rate = 3): - Uxie - Mesprit - Azelf - Heatran - Regigigas - Giratina - Cresselia - Manaphy - Darkrai - Arceus Easier to catch (catch rate = 30): - Dialga (& Palkia) Easiest Sinnoh legendary to catch (catch rate = 45): - Shaymin

Easiest way to catch all the Pokemon in soul silver?


What is the easiest way to catch chancey in Pokemon crystal?

in some cave

What is the best Pokemon to catch in LeafGreen?

There is no best Pokemon to catch, as you train each individually.

Easiest way to get lucky egg fire red?

The easiest and only way to get a lucky egg in Pokemon Fire Red is to catch a Chansey and hope it has one. The best place to do this is the Safari Zone.

What poke ball is easiest to catch a metang?

A Master Ball would be your best choice because it catches any wild Pokemon 100% of the time.

Where do you catch mew in Pokemon pearl?

The easiest way is just buy a r4.