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Use this team! It works against every type!

1. A strong ground pokemon. (I use Krookodile.) If you have a Landourus, use that. If not, use Krookodile or Excadrill

2. A good electric pokemon. ( I use Elektross.) Use Elektross or Gavulantala. If your cool with using legendaries, use Zekrom.

3. A good ghost pokemon. (I use Chandalure.) I would use Golurk, Chandalure, or Gothitelle.

4. A very good fire pokemon. (I use Volcarona.) I would use Darmanitan, Volcarona, or if your cool with legendaries, Reshiram.

5. A water pokemon. ( I use Carracosta.) Use Carracosta, Jellicent, or Samurott.

6. A dragon pokemon. ( I use Hydregon. (Sorry for misspelling lol.)) Use Hydregon, Haxourous, Reshiram, Druggegon, or Zekrom.

Hope this helped!

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Q: What is the best Pokemon team for unova?
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