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look for darkness its turtwig and pickacho it works the best...solor beam and discharge man that's great!IM not lieing i have pickacho lvl 100 turtwig lvl 100 and lugia lvl 89 and darkrai lvl 100 and deoxys lvl 67 and raqueza lvl 74 and and mew lvl 64 and rosearade lvl 100

O.o beat that!

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Q: What is the best Pokemon combo in Pokemon darkness?
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Who is the best starter Pokemon in darkness?

munchlax and totodile

What is the button combo to catch any Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

there is not any combo

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorer of darkness in nds?

The best Pokemon you can get is mew. or you could get something in buried relic mew is in there

Best grass Pokemon in ruby?

In my opinion, Ludicolo is the best Grass Pokemon, because the Water/Grass combo is strong or neutral to most attacks.

Who is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

That would depend on how good you trained your Pokemon but if you wanted the best rare Pokemon, that would possibly be Mew.

What is a good electric Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

A good elecric Pokemon is Sapphire is Manectric. A good combo is Plusle and Minun. Actually, the best is your personal favorite.

Best parter Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of Darkness?

the best for me was a piplup.i was a charmander or chimcar and i got through the game easly.

Can you breed Pokemon in Pokemon gale of darkness?

No, there is not a breeding center in Pokemon XD, Gale of Darkness.

What is the best Pokémon to be on Pokémon explorers of time?

there is no "best Pokemon" in eplorers of time/darkness... it all matters on skill

How can you see jirachi in Pokemon explorers of darkness?

how can i see jirachi at 23F in pokemon explorers of darkness?

Is Pokemon gale of darkness fake?

No Pokemon Gale of Darkness is a real. It was made for the Gamecube in 2005.

Where is the best place to earn a whole lot of money in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

best place is the Realgam Tower. ESPECIALLY if you use Pokemon holding Amulet Coin.