Best grass Pokemon in ruby

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In my opinion, Ludicolo is the best Grass Pokemon, because the Water/Grass combo is strong or neutral to most attacks.

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Q: Best grass Pokemon in ruby
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What is the best leaf Pokemon in ruby?

Well if you ment GRASS Pokemon in ruby the best is the first one you can get from proffesser Oak, trecko, who evolves to groovyle on lvl. 15-16 and then sceptile on lvl. 36. Sceptile is far the srtongest grass typer Pokemon EVER!!! (in ruby)

How many grass type Pokemon are in Pokemon ruby?

There are only 17 Grass-type Pokémons in Ruby version.

Where to get Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?

in grass, on water and in caves.

Where is the best place to find fire Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

there is no best place, but you can find numel, torkoal,slugma in grass near the sandstorm

What are all the Pokemon in ruby?

In the grass, caves and water

What are good grass Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

I always use Roselia, or cacturn.

Where do you ger oder sleuth in Pokemon ruby?

You get it from the Grass on a route

Pokemon ruby what is the best type of Pokemon to beat the seventh gym leader?

a swampert, lombre, or sceptile. if you don't have one then use a water or grass type

How do you catch a Skitty in Pokemon Ruby?

Walk in the grass on route 116

Who knows cut on Pokemon ruby version?

You need to get the hm cut then teach it to a grass Pokemon

What is treeko?

Treeko is a grass starter Pokemon in Pokemon versios. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. GBA

Do you catch surskuit by surfing or going through grass or fishing in Pokemon ruby?

I think you find it in the grass.