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I attacked moss giants in the Varrock sewers until I got to level 60 attack. They have good drops, especially for members. Also, attack red Spiders in the Varrock sewers or Hill Giants in the building next to Barbarian Village. Completing quests also give you experience in some areas.

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Q: What is the best NPC to attack on RuneScape to get Combat Level 60?
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What is the best combat level to use dragon claws on runescape?

I would have to say combat level 89 or 77

What is the best weapon for level 20 attack in runescape?

In my opinion it is a mithril scimitar.

What is best for a level 61 member to raise their attack on runescape?

demon chamber in lamorack

What is the best magic attack in runescape?

He is right if you want a high level attack but masismic barrage that requires a zureals staff.

Best weapon for someone with level 70 attack on runescape?

i mean with out strength at level 70 dharocks battleaxe is good for 70 attack =) for attack try saradomin godsword

Can i have a free high level runescape account?

here's the best way to get a high level runescape acount. make an acount train all skills to 70 then train bandits till you have 99 in every combat skill. now you have a high level runescape acount :)

Is having a high att in runescape better then a high str level?

It is best to have the different combat skills more or less balanced.

What is the best attack level for a level?

It really depends on a lot of factors, such as your combat, strength, defense and attack levels. Personally though, I enjoy guthans in godwars dungeon, as great attack exp.

What is the best slayer master to visit in RuneScape?

That really depends on your slayer level, as well as on your combat level. The higher-level slayer masters will give you more difficult monsters to slay.

What is a good way to train combat in Runescape?

A good way to train combat in Runescape is to go to Soul wars. whats the best thing if im nonmembers

What npc gives the best defence xp on runescape?

The best npc to fight for any combat experience (exc. mage/ranged) would be the Giant Spiders (Level: 50) on the third level of the Stronghold of Security, these can hit up to 70 health and are threatening for players under level 75. If you bring a super set (super attack, strength, defence) and are 80+ combat you can expect rates of 45-60k experience in agressive/defensive/accurate styles.

In runescape what is the best combat stat magic range or sword and why are they the best?

The best in order are:RangedMeleeMagic