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Roselia, Bellossom or Sceptile.

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Q: What is the best Grass type in Pokemon Emerald?
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Pokemon Emerald battle dome team?

the best team for battle dome in Pokemon emerald is a grass type(against swampert , and a rock type(against charizard and salamance)

What type is Roselia on Pokemon emerald?


Do you really need a grass type Pokemon in emerald?

No. I practically beat my emerald game (though I didn't beat the elite 4) without almost ever having a grass type Pokemon on my team. You should, however, at least catch grass type Pokemon, as to fill up your Pokedex.

How to beat the sootopolis gym leader i Pokemon emerald?

Use a Grass-type Pokemon that's at least lvl50 w/ at least 2 grass-type moves.

What first Pokémon do you get in Pokémon emerald?

if you mean the starter Pokemon for emerald it's treeko-a grass type, torchic-a fire type, and mudkip-a water type

What is the best grass type Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

torterra is the best grass type Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon VULTRAE:torterra or roserade

What is the best normal type Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

i think slaking.

How can you get through challengers in 8th gym of Pokemon emerald?

Since there water type trainers use electric types or grass type pokemon.

Pokemon Cradily move tactics in emerald?

It is rock and grass, so anything rock or grass type will make it more powerful! :)

What is the best grass type pokemon in pokemon fire red?


Which Pokemon type is the Best Grass or Ice?

ice type moves

What is the best water type to use in pokemon emerald?

Swampert or Wailord.