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It's quieter AND uses a crap load of space.

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Q: What is the benefit of installing a game to your xbox 360 hardrive?
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Why cant you install a scratched xbox game on your hardrive?

When the Xbox says install game it does not mean you are about to install the full game onto your hard drive. When you install a game on to your Xbox it's taking some of the game files and installing them to make the game run smoother and possibly look better.

Will a Xbox 360 game play on a plain Xbox?

Some only if you have the Xbox 360 Hardrive and some software downloaded from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox.

What happens when you install a game on to your xbox 360 hardrive?

It basically cuts the loading time on the game etc...

Why can't you play ESPN madden 06 from an original Xbox on Xbox 360?

You need a hardrive. Hardrive

How do you save games to your xbox to play when ever?

you go to your game library and it will give you the option to play. press save to hardrive. it will erase the memorie from the disk and will transfer it to the hardrive,

If you add and harddrive to your Xbox 360 will you be able to play Xbox games on it?

no the hardrive you plug into your xbox 360 can only be used to play music, films and pictures from the hardrive on your xbox 360 you can not play any games nor store any xbox 360 data on the hardrive.

Can you use a Xbox hardrive for an Xbox 360?

nope nope

Fix white circle on your Xbox game?

Install it from a different disk onto hardrive or xbox usb then you use the broken disk as a key to play it.

Can you get a hard drive in a Xbox core?

Arcade = no hardrive Pro = 60 gb hardrive Elite = 120 gb hardrive

What xbox 360 hardrive holds the most GB's?

The latest model: The 250GB hardrive

Does a 4gb xbox 360 slim console have its memory on console or hardrive?

In the hardrive in the console.

Can you use an Xbox hardrive for an Xbox 360?

No, they are 2 different things.