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The question is listed under Computer Games, but I'm going to assume you're asking about real handguns. It's difficult to say what an average is, but in general, the FPS for handgun ammo can run from as low as 500 to as much as 1400, and even higher for some bullets.

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Q: What is the average fps for a handgun?
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How many fps 9 mm handgun?

The typical FPS (feet per second) for a 9mm handgun ranges from 900 to 1400 fps depending on the specific make and model of the gun, as well as the type of ammunition being used. It is recommended to check the manufacturer specifications for the specific handgun you are interested in to get the most accurate FPS measurement.

What is the average fps of a BB gun?

500 fps

What is the velocity of a bullet?

The velocity of a bullet can vary depending on the type of firearm used and the specific bullet being fired. On average, handgun bullets can travel around 800-1200 feet per second (fps) while rifle bullets can reach velocities of 2000-3000 fps or more. Some high-powered rifles can propel bullets at speeds exceeding 4000 fps.

Average fps of a Nerf gun?

Depends on the firearm, the manual or even the box most likely says what the FPS is.

How many fps does you tube videos run at?

On average YouTube videos run at 30 fps.

How fast is a 9mm round?

Like many things, the answer depends- in this case, it depends on the load (powder and bullet weight) and whether fired from a handgun, or sub-machine gun/ carbine. In a handgun, the 9mm Parabellum may be as slow as 1000 fps, or as fast as 1300 FPS (about 1400 for a +P loading) A longer barrel would produce higher velocity.

What is the average speed of a gun?

No such thing as an average speed- varies greatly by caliber. I have some firearms that shoot at 830 FPS, and some that shoot at 4000 FPS.

A hollow point bullet travels how fast?

The speed of a hollow point bullet can vary depending on the caliber and type of firearm it is fired from. On average, handgun bullets can travel at speeds ranging from 800 feet per second (fps) to 1500 fps, while rifle bullets can reach speeds of up to 4000 fps or more.

What is the fps of an average BB gun?

200 or so ------------------------------------------------- The slowest BB gun ( NOT Airsoft or Pellet gun) that I know of is the Marksman 1010, it is rated at 200 FPS. The fastest BB gun I could find is the Crosman 2100 that is rated at 755 FPS. This gives you an average of 477.5 FPS Pellet guns and rifles can attain much faster speeds.

Average bullet speed?

The average bullet speed can vary depending on the type of bullet and the firearm it is fired from. However, typical bullet speeds can range from about 800 feet per second (fps) to 3000 fps. High-powered rifles can have bullet speeds exceeding 3000 fps.

What is the average FPS for an Air Pistol?

around 500fps sometimes more

How fast is 400 fps?

FPS stands for "Feet Per Second" this is an average speed for most air pistols. It's fast, but some high powered air rifles can reach over 1000 fps