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Well that's a pretty vague question so i hope i answer it right for you. The assault rifle is a medium to long ranged weapon that usually has fairly good accuracy, on modern warfare some of the more popular are the Scar-H and the AK-47 and you earn different kinds of assault rifles by getting kills on multi-player (if that is what you were asking about) you can get different attachments too but the descriptions of how to get more are given!

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Q: What is the assual rifle in modern warfare 2?
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How do you use a sniper rifle so well in modern warfare 2?

You practice.

What does the acr stand in modern warfare 2?

You mean what does it stand for? It stands for "Adaptive Combat Rifle".

How do you get the heartbeat senson on modern warfare 2?

Get 15 kills with an assualt rifle that has a silencer equipped.

On Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 what level do you get the assault rifle Acr?

The assualt rifle Acr is unlocked at level 48.

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What is the bolt action sniper rifle called in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

It's called the Intervention.

Where was Ghost from modern warfare 2 born?

Modern warfare 2

What weapons do you get in black ops?

It is set around 1968 so weapons around that time some are from modern warfare 2 such as the spas. 12 shotgun and AK47 assault rifle. However there are more shotguns than in modern warfare 2.

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