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you need to get a certain amount of "1 Shot one Kill" medals with a sniper rifle.

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Q: How do you get a gillie suit on modern warfare 2 multiplayer?
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What are the names of camo suits on modern warfare 2?

They are called gillie suits and they are obtainable in multiplayer by completing the ghillie in the mist challenges. you complete these by getting 50, 100, and 200 headshots with a sniper rifle and you get a suit with a sniper rifle class. They're are unlocked in the order snow, urban, and desert.

How do you get a juggernaunt suit in modern warfare 3?

Get 18 kills on support or 14 straight on assault.

How do you spell ghelli suit?

The spelling is "Gillie." Used by hunters and military as a form of camouflage.

How close can someone get to someone in a Gillie suit without seeing them?

You can stand right beside them if they are not suspecting it

How do you get a ghilli suit in call of duty modern warfare 2?

you have to get so many 1 shot kills i think it is 50 for ghille suit in snow 100 for woodland and 200 for desert

Can this game Mobile Suit Gundam Zeonic Front do Splitscreen multiplayer?

no it has no splitscreen or multiplayer opyions at all

What do juggernauts in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 wear?

they wear a big suit that you cant shoot threw and a cup that says get some.

What is a ghillie suit on cod?

The ghillie suit are the clothes a sniper wears in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. In Call of Duty World at War, your ghillie suit only covers your back. All of the ghillie suits in Cod you only get to wear by being a sniper, but in Modern Warfare 2, you unlock different color suits such as desert, urban ect.

How long till modern warfare 4?

Yes they made Modern Warfare 3 Activision also owns Infinity Ward and it was Activision who fired the guys that filed suit because they were slowing down the games development trying to get more money for making the game. Other employees also quit and filed suit and they found that they also could be replaced. Modern Warfare 3 was released with record sales and developed without the help of all those who left the company and thought they could not be replaced. Some people actually like the new Modern Warfare 3 better than MW2 It is unknown when a new Modern Warfare will come out, if one ever does. The owners of the name "Modern Warfare," Infinityward" can no longer make Call of Duty games due to their trial and split with Activision, who owns the CoD franchise.

How do you get a ghillie suit on modern warfare for Wii?

By using a sniper rifle. (Marine snipers/ opfor snipers don't use ghillie though. Only SAS and SPetnaz

Are houses safe from biological warfare attacks?

no you are only safe in a hazmat suit and a contained area

Why won't shadow's flame suit unlock in sonic rivals 2?

Some of the suits are only unlocked by playing multiplayer