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No. That must be in spanish.

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Q: What is the apostrophe looking thing above the letter e in Jose?
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What is an apostrope in poetry?

An apostrophe, like any other punctuation mark or letter of the alphabet, means the same thing in poetry that it does in prose. An apostrophe marks where a letter or letters are missing due to a contraction, or indicates the possessive case.

What does plural apostrophe look like?

A plural apostrophe doesn't look like anything. There's no such thing as a plural apostrophe.

What does a letter j look like in Jewish alphabet?

There is no such thing as a Jewish alphabet. If you mean Hebrew, there is no letter for J in Hebrew. In Modern Hebrew, words with the "J" sound are written with the letter for g plus an apostrophe: ג׳

Why put a 'sign over the letter e for names like Beyonce and buble?

Because Beyonce is prononced Be-yonc-a. Therefore, instead of it looking funny that way you put the thing above the "e".

What is a one word with two apostrophe?

there is nooo such thing

How do you use it's as a sentence?

The term it's is a contraction of the words it is with an apostrophe, and is often confused with its, which means the possession of a thing, but without an apostrophe.

What is significant about the Francophone's?

The significant thing about this question is the incorrect use of the apostrophe.

What is the date and info on an browning 16 gauge with special steel-16 gauge-shells 2 34 ok g 980 with a sideways b a pv with a funny looking thing above it the letter l e g with a crown above them?

Browning's web site has a sn search function.

Fido's collar is next to the door. Apostrophe question?

The apostrophe in "Fido's" indicates possession, showing that the collar belongs to Fido. It is used to show that something is owned or associated with a person or thing.

When do you use the apostrophe before the S?

You use it when your calling someone, or naming more than one thing. Bur\t, for example the name 'Mr.Byrnes'; when you are saying about their stuff, like " I gave Mr. Byrnes' book back" then you put a apostrophe in front of s. In this case you are not. Happy to help! :) The apostrophe S ('s) is used to show a singular possessive as in the example above, and to show contractions of verbs containing is such as "he's" or "there's."

When do use a apostrophe after a word?

If something belongs to person or thing... such as: That'sTori's computer

What is a plural possesive noun?

A plural possessive noun is a noun that refers to more than one person, place, or thing and shows ownership or relationship with another noun. It is formed by adding an apostrophe and the letter "s" after the plural noun (e.g., "teachers' lounge").