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get pokesav from and make a cheat for pokemon you want in pokemon diamond. ----

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Q: What is the action replay code for wonder guard on Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get a spirtomb with wonder guard on Pokemon diamond?

Is one but you wont get it.Only for action replay card.

How do you teach any Pokemon wonder guard for action replay Pokemon diamond?

It is impossible to teach wonder guard to a Pokemon, even for action replay because wonder guard is a ability, which cannot be changed. Only shedninja has the ability. Whoever says that a Pokemon other than shedninja has wonder guard, they are lying.

Do you get the wonder gift in Pokemon Diamond?

You mean Mystery Gift. You need to have another friend with a DS and Diamond and the gift is a Manaphy Egg (Pokemon Ranger). Or, Action Replay.

Is there an action replay code on when wild Pokemon appear there ability is wonder guard for Pokemon diamond?

yes you have to search Google and they will tell you the code

Where do you get a wonder card in Pokemon diamond without an event?

If you're not going to use an event you'd have to have an action replay or R4 DS card.

What is the action replay code to put wonder guard on Pokemon platinum?

i want more then a 100 of pokemon.

Pokemon pearl action replay codes for all your Pokemon to have wonder guard?

no, i dont think so...

What is the action replay code for 999 wonder gummies on Pokemon explorers of darkness?

There is none

Action replay code for wonder guard?

There is no Action Replay code to hit a Pokemon with Wonder Guard. Simply get a Pokemon with the ability "Mold Breaker" (ex. Cranidos). Mold Breaker negates the effects of your enemy's ability which means that Wonder Guard won't work against it.

Pokemon pearl cheat for action replay called all Pokemon wonder guarded?

I don't believe any such cheat exists...

Is therePokemon emerald action replay code that make all your Pokemon have wonder guard?

no you need game shark

How do you You Give a Wonder Card to Someone In Pokemon?

you erase your game and use action replay to copy it to another game