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If I knew, I'd tell you, but unfortunately I don't. Make sure to check:


Im looking... also please post your wii friend codes, Im kind of in need of competition on brawl...

-ssbb master


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Q: What is the action replay code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?
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Is there a code to undo a shiny Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

yes you can get shiny Pokemon with action replay

Pokemon Platinum shiny Pokemon cheats?

Use an action replay...

What are action replay codes for Pokemon platinum shiny?


Shiny Pokemon action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

go on

How do you deactivate te shiny Pokemon code in Pokemon platinum?

On Action Replay press disable Shiny Pokemon.

What is the code for shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

in action replay ds select wild pokemons are shiny.

Is there Pokemon platinum shiny modifier code?

Shiny encounter action replay code for platinum: 12075E52 000046C0.

What are the chances of seeing a shiny Pokemon in poemon platinum?

Action replay!

What is the shiny Pokemon action relpay code in Pokemon Platinum us version?

As of now, no action replay codes are reported for Pokemon Platinum.

What is an action replay code for Pokemon Platinum to get shiny Pokemon that actually works?


Is there a Pokemon platinum action replay cheat to get shiny empolion?

i think so.

What is the action replay code for a shiny Palkia on Pokemon platinum?

smell flute!