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smell Flute!

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Q: What is the action replay code for a shiny Palkia on Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get Palkia in Pokemon diamond WITHOUT an action replay?

You cant but get Pokemon platinum you can get both dialga and palkia

Where do you catch Palkia on Pokemon Platinum?

You ll have to trade from Pokemon pearl or use an action replay

How do you catch the legendary Palkia on Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot catch the legendary palkia on pokemon platinum but however you can use action replay to get it (most likely cheating)

Where to get Palkia in Pokemon Diamond?

I think the only way to get Palkia in Pokemon Diamond is to use an Action Replay, GameShark, or trade it from Platinum or Pearl.

Where to find Palkia in diamond?

The only way to get palkia in Pokemon Diamond is by action replay and if your also wondering how to get dialga in Pokemon Pearl the same wasy use action replay in Pokemon Platinum you can catch dialga and palkia and they are at an astounding level 70 so good luck hope this helped

What legendary Pokemon can you get on platinum without an action replay?

Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, Cresselia, Heatran, Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit.

Action replay encounter code to verse Palkia on Pokemon diamond?

If you have action replay and Pokemon modifier, yes.

What is the action replay code for zoara in Pokemon Platinum?

Your friend code backward. There is no action replay code for Zoara in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you put in codes in Pokemon Platinum?

you have to purchase an action replay. then, you can type in and research Pokemon platinum action replay codes.

Does the action replay work for platinum?

yes action replay does work on Pokemon platinum. does it work for the DSi?

Can you get Palkia in Pokemon Diamond by using an action replay?

Of course you can

Every Pokemon's with action replay in Pokemon platinum?