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94000130 fdff0000

b21c4d28 00000000

b0000004 00000000

94000130 feff0000

00000890 01ed0001

d0000000 00000000

da000000 00000892

dc000000 00024620

c0000000 0000000b

d7000000 00000000

dc000000 00000006

d2000000 00000000

Select the code in Action Replay, then press L+R while in the game. Subtract from 493 Master Balls/Heart Scales the number it will take to get the number of the Pokemon you want. Exit the menu and press L by itself. Walk around in tall grass and the next Pokemon you encounter should be the Pokemon whose number matches the number of remaining Master Balls/Heart Scales.

This code actually does work if you've been searching for modifiers forever. I was looking forever and I am really happy that it works. Thank you for this code!!!!!

The only Pokemon that you can get with this code is Arceus, so it doesn't work. (You were holding down L+R when you want to get the Pokemon you want you only hold down L when you walk in the grass read carefully)

On My action replay it wont work. It used to but now i cant get the right code. I have trided this ^ one. (your AR or DS probably got messed up sorry.)

~I have tested this code- it works! I have gotten so many Pokemon with this including a lvl 16 mewtwo!

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Q: What is the absolute correct wild Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon diamond?
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In Pokemon diamond can you get the starters using the modifier?

Yes. If you have a code for the Pokemon Modifier, you can toss an amount of the Master Balls (If data is correct, is should work.) Get the code and you will be able to get the staters.

What is a Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon modifier is a cheat code used on an Action Replay.

Where do you get the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

Use an Action Replay!!!!!!!!!

What is the actual Pokemon Modifier code for Pokemon diamond?


What is the modifier cheat for Pokemon Diamond?

go onto ask . com and type in Pokemon modifier action replay code

Does the cheat code modifier work for Pokemon diamond?

Yes and no depending on the Cheat code modifier.

What is a short code for the Pokemon modifier on action replay for Pokemon diamond?

no such thing.

What and where is the Pokémon modifier in Pokémon diamond?

The Pokemon modifier is an action replay code that lets you obtain any Pokemon you want and you get it on websites

How do you get all Pokemon Diamond?

get an action replay, get the Pokemon modifier cheat for it, then catch all the Pokemon.

How do you get the Pokemon without the green man in Pokemon Diamond?

You must have a cheat called "Pokemon Modifier"

What is the Pokemon modifier code for Pokemon diamond?

you get dialga and have breed it then it unlocks all shinys

How to get a Ho-oh in Pokemon Diamond?

You can migrate it or use a AR code. (Pokemon modifier)