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The WEP key is the encryption key your wireless router uses to stop unauthorised people accessing the network. When you set yours up, you'll have set the key so your computer or laptop can access your network. All you need to do is use that same key on the DSi to access the network.

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Q: What is the WEP key for DSi internet?
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What security key to put internet on the dsi?


How do you get Internet in the dsi?

First you must have wireless Internet find your Internet on the system settings if it is locked find out what your wep key then test it if it is not saved check what you put in

What is the wep code for dsi internet installment?


What does the Nintendo DSi error code 051310 1 mean?

It's usually a WEP Key issue.

I HAVE A DSI but I need a key?

If you mean a WEP or WPA key, that is to connect wirelessly for an internet connection. You'll need to enter the key, which you should have if the router or access point is yours.

What security key will work on a DSI?

The WEP key is the encryption code needed to access a wireless router.

Were do you put in the internet unlock code on the Nintendo DSi?

in the WEP box

What is the WEP Key for Daly on the NINTENDO Wi-Fi connection setup?

the WEP key is your wireless internet password. if you have a wifi internet receiver you should know the WEP code

Would you need the wep key of your internet modem to get on to the internet using a nintedo ds lite web browser?

If your router is protected by WEP encryption, then yes, you need to know the WEP key to allow the DS to access it.

Where can you find a access point for the dsi?

Hi. Basically an access point is a point where Internet (in the process of wifi) can be reached. In order to connect your Dsi to the internet you need to find out you internet WEP key and connection point. If you have any devices that connect to the internet such as an iphone without the use of cords, you may have an idea to what I am talking about That main reason why your Dsi is probably not finding an acess point is because the wireless WEP code has not been input into the system. So to summarize in plain English, find you internet device that creates your internet connection, input the code into your Dsi, and try connecting then. The WEP code for the internet connection device should have come with your internet system, remember to never share this code with anyone else. You internet should be used by you and only you (or any other folks living in the household) Have a nice day :)

What is a WEP and a WPA key mean?

The internet password for your wifi

What is a wep key on psp?

it is a type of a code or password to get on the internet