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I was unable to type type the entire code, because I kept messing up, but you do not need a red orb for this. I tried code in my US version of Pokemon Heartgold. After about 16 mistakes, I did get the Embedded Tower Groudon, without a trade.

I found this code located I think somewhere for Pokemon Heartgold action replay game.

The website was, I think

or something like that

remember Supercheats website.

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Q: What is the US action Replay code for the Embedded Tower Groudon which will work in Pokemon HeartGold as long as you have a red orb?
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How do you get Groudon on Pokemon Platinum?

Migrate From Pokemon Ruby,Pokemon Sapphire,Or Pokemon Emerald Or Trade From Pokemon HeartGold,Or Pokemon SoulSilver Or Use The Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

Is there action replay to get Groundon in Pokemon heartgold?

no, groudon is available in soul silver only, so you must trade from soul silver, however if you use cheats, the groudon will not unlock rayquaza.

Pokemon HeartGold action replay code for Zoroark?

There's no Action Replay code for Zoroark in Pokemon HeartGold, because Zoroark does not exist in Pokemon HeartGold.

Is there an action replay cheat to make the starter Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold legendary Pokemon?

yes at heartgold action replay codes

Pokemon Platinum how to get Groudon?

if you have action replay you will get to pick a pokemon so groudon is a hard pokemon you need the red orb for groudon on pokemon soul silver version or pokemon heart gold version but use action replay on pokemon pearl,diamond,platinum

What is the Action Replay code for Darkrai in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

There is not a known Darkrai Action Replay Code for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver yet.

How do you catch Groudon in Pokemon Heartgold by using action replay?

you can do it withiout action replay you gotta complete the region you are in and once you obtained the nation dex and allowed to travel to the next region you return to mr pokemons house and meet pro oak again. He gives you red orb and tells you to go to emebedded tower which is somewhere in your next region you just unlocked. AND HURRAH IF YOU HAVE THE RED ORB WITH YOU GROUDON APPEARS AT THE TOP OF EMBEDDED TOWER. Then go back to pro oak and show it to him by walking with it inforont of him. Then he gives you blue orb and you return to embedded tower AND FIND KYOGRE IN THE SAME PLACE WHERE GROUDON USED TO BE please comment freinds of pokemon

How do you get red orb in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cant get the red orb in heart gold. You have to have soul silver or someone who has soul silver to trade you the Groudon. You can either do that or you can use an action replay.

How do you get mew with action replay in Pokemon heartgold?

you cant for heartgold or soulsilver suckers

How do you use an Action Replay on Pokemon HeartGold?

yes. You can use the action replay in any Pokemon game.

What is the replay code for lugia on Pokemon heartgold?


Where can you get dark stone in Pokemon HeartGold?

By Action Replay