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Change a Pokemon's Ability by Marking them [North America]

1206F04A 000020XX

1206F04E 00007378

Replace XX with the value of the desired ability in the table below.

- 00

Adaptability 5B

Aftermath 6A

Air Lock 4C

Anger Point 53

Anticipation 6B

Arena Trap 47

Bad Dreams 7B

Battle Armor 04

Blaze 42

Chlorophyll 22

Clear Body 1D

Cloud Nine 0D

Color Change 10

Compoundeyes 0E

Cute Charm 38

Damp 06

Download 58

Drizzle 02

Drought 46

Dry Skin 57

Early Bird 30

Effect Spore 1B

Filter 6F

Flame Body 31

Flash Fire 12

Flower Gift 7A

Forecast 3B

Forewarn 6C

Frisk 77

Gluttony 52

Guts 3E

Heatproof 55

Honey Gather 76

Huge Power 25

Hustle 37

Hydration 5D

Hyper Cutter 34

Ice Body 73

Illuminate 23

Immunity 11

Inner Focus 27

Insomnia 0F

Intimidate 16

Iron Fist 59

Keen Eye 33

Klutz 67

Leaf Guard 66

Levitate 1A

Lightningrod 1F

Limber 07

Liquid Ooze 40

Magic Guard 62

Magma Armor 28

Magnet Pull 2A

Marvel Scale 3F

Minus 3A

Mold Breaker 68

Motor Drive 4E

Multitype 79

Natural Cure 1E

No Guard 63

Normalize 60

Oblivious 0C

Overgrow 41

Own Tempo 14

Pickup 35

Plus 39

Poison Heal 5A

Poison Point 26

Pressure 2E

Pure Power 4A

Quick Feet 5F

Rain Dish 2C

Reckless 78

Rivalry 4F

Rock Head 45

Rough Skin 18

Run Away 32

Sand Stream 2D

Sand Veil 08

Scrappy 71

Serene Grace 20

Shadow Tag 17

Shed Skin 3D

Shell Armor 4B

Shield Dust 13

Simple 56

Skill Link 5C

Slow Start 70

Sniper 61

Snow Cloak 51

Snow Warning 75

Solar Power 5E

Solid Rock 74

Soundproof 2B

Speed Boost 03

Stall 64

Static 09

Steadfast 50

Stench 01

Sticky Hold 3C

Storm Drain 72

Sturdy 05

Suction Cups 15

Super Luck 69

Swarm 44

Swift Swim 21

Synchronize 1C

Tangled Feet 4D

Technician 65

Thick Fat 2F

Tinted Lens 6E

Torrent 43

Trace 24

Truant 36

Unaware 6D

Unburden 54

Vital Spirit 48

Volt Absorb 0A

Water Absorb 0B

Water Veil 29

White Smoke 49

Wonder Guard 19

Just mark the Pokemon in the PC then go out and back in and it will have the desired abbility

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Q: What is the Pokemon soul silver ability modifier ar code?
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Use the Pokemon modifier AR code

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