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lord of he forest or guardian of th forest

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Q: What is the Pokemon shiftrys nickname?
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What is shiftrys last move in Pokemon emerald?

Shiftry does not learn any moves by leveling up

Where to get a nickname in Pokemon Ruby?

when you first catch a Pokemon you can give it a nickname but if you want to change its nickname then you need to go to slateport city and talk to the nickname rater (he will change the name of any of you Pokemon that are in your party)

Where do you do to nickname your Pokemon?

After you catch, hatch, or receive a Pokemon as a in-game gift, you'll be asked if you want to nickname the Pokemon. You can also nickname a Pokemon by going to the Name Rater; where it is depends on the game you're playing.

How can you nickname a Pokemon after catching it?

after you catch your Pokemon your given the option 2 nickname it by saying YES OR NO..VERONICA

Where can you nickname your Pokemon?

You Can Go By The Pokemon Name Rater

What is the next Pokemon game in English?

I think the only Pokemon games......are Sapphire Ruby Emerald Pearl Diamond Firered Leafgreen Red Blue Yellow Gold Silver Plantnum HeartGold SoulSilver Pokemon Dungen Explorers Of Time and Darkness Here are fake Pokemon games! Pokemon Green Pokemon Moon RPG Pokemon RPG Predictions I made PokemonKart Nickname-PokeKart WF Connection PokemonRanch Nickname-PokeRanch WF Connection Pikachu and Torchic's Adventure No Nickname GrassGreen No Nickname WaterBlue No Nickname PokePC Nickname-Pokemon PC Battles WFC Chikarita's PokeParty No Nickname PokemonSega Nickname-PokeSega Gangsta Pokemon No Nickname Those are my Predictions Gangsta Pokemon won't be out until I turn into a Adult Im 9 so like 20 Years from now Ill try making those Pokegames No more Pokemon games in English! But if so ill Remake it so wait.

Where can you nickname your Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

you can nickname your Pokemon in eterna city, located in a house on the right side of the pokemart, when you enter you'll find an old man

Is pinky a real Pokemon?

not unless you nickname a Pokemon pinky

What is the Action Replay code to nickname all Pokemon in Soul Silver?

you don't need a code to nickname pokemon they ask you that when you catch them

Can you change the name of a Pokemon you transfered?

You cannot change a pokemon's nickname

Where can you change the nickname of your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to the house next to the Poke Mart in Eterna City. Talk to the old man and he will change your pokemon's nickname. Sadly, you cannot change the name of trade pokemon.

Where is the nickname man in Pokemon FireRed?

the name rater or "nickname man" is in lavender town.