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The Cave In Mount Ember Has Braille Codes. The One Upstairs Is Just The Alphabet. The One Do Stairs says: "Everything Has Meaning Existence Has Meaning Being Alive Has Meaning Have Dreams Use Power"

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Q: What is the Pokemon FireRed braille code?
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What do you do to the braille in Pokemon FireRed?

nothing just read it!!

Where would you find a braille decoder for firered Pokemon?

Go to wikipedia, they have a braille dictionary.

Is the language Regi or Braille on Pokemon FireRed?

Braille, there is no language called "regi" , regi are the three legendary rock Pokemon and regigigas.

Where is the braille cave in Pokemon FireRed?

dotted hole is on the south side of six island. (the sapphire is in there) a little extra info: dotted hole does have braille in it.

Upon which island in Pokemon firered do you find the braille book?

You cannot find a Braille book in Pokemon FireRed. You can however find the Braille alphabet to make notes from inside Mt.Ember. Mt.Ember can be found just north of Knot Island.

How do you read braille in Pokemon FireRed?

Using a braille chart. Heres one:

What does the braille say in Pokemon FireRed?

it doesn't really matter. the point is, when you get to a door with braille around it, use cut

How do you read a braille code in Pokemon firered?

By decoding the braille using a braille chart, which usually comes with the game, otherwise in Pokémon guidebooks. If you do not have access to any of the above visit

Braille in Pokemon FireRed?

Braille can be found in Mt ember and dotted hole if you go to Mt ember you can find braille that teaches you each letter one by one.

Masterball code for pokemon FireRed?

for Pokemon there are no codes

What is the alphabet code for the desert ruins in Pokemon emerald?

The alphabet code use in the Desert ruins in Pokemon Emerald is Braille. Braille is a alphabet system printed in raised bumps for the blind to read. Braille is easy to translate when using a Braille alphabet sheet.

What is the braille code to the regis in Pokemon ruby?

Chuck Norris