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94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E00000B4 000000EC

8F888F8A C14C0000

49030612 C16A4309

E69A0B49 62F1EE54

B121C037 2EB234C3

0E7764EE F8707263

E1ED70FB 19330DE0

9EBE9AE2 D53129E6

107C0E0A 14F384D4

D83ED0F7 2C4D8B9F

B160F036 E0A6DB56

B03D306D 54DD6A07

E7CDA11A 2B0CA306

553BFB3A B0E62385


C60F1F52 D908BCBF

2E580678 541964C0

4B676D29 11CD654B

582EC79D 238F2DAE

01311C49 5CF208F8

6C5D881C 47513407

6B427A66 D6BF87AE

457DC5DA B8E9754E

5EB71B67 C80E305F

396BBC59 3BB84C9C

9131253F D4FCA0D5

6AAB9EDE 8B008303


9D777CED 25067E28

03AEFE11 29C80D14

A0EBFDFF 00000000

D2000000 00000000

srry if doesnt work i pokesaved it so srry. might work and might not maake sure your first pokemono in your party is like a magikarp or something stupid it replaces it wit a acreus that knows spacial rend, roar of time,, dark void, and giga impact level 100 shiny max stats, max pp not max hp be careful and have fun

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Q: What is the DSI Action replay code for aceus in Pokemon platinum?
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Can you get aceus without a action replay?

In diamond and pearl to get you would need a action replay... but in platinum you don't.

How do you get aceus in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It should be an event Pokemon although you could cheat using an action replay

How do you catch darkria aceus and shaymin without an action replay or mystery gift or an event?

=Its not possible but getting aceus is without action replay=

What do you do when you are in spear pillar in Pokemon platinum?

When you are in Spear Pillar the first time you are battling parts of team Galactic with your rival. In platinum you also have a chance to catch Garitina in the Destoration World. You can come later in the game with the Azure flute to catch Aceus. To get the Azure flute use an action replay, trade with someone who has one, or you can get it from mistery gift. HOPE I HELPED ;)$:)

How do you catch aceus on Pokemon diamond?

You have to get the azure flute or get it on mystery gift or by an action replay ds or dsi and put in a cheat code for meeting arceus there are action replays at wal-mart and best buy for $20.00 I recommend getting the dsi one it works for ds and dsi

How do you get aceus in Pokemon HeartGold?

You get him in trade.

Who is the biggest legendary Pokemon?


Is there a code for Action Replay DS on Pokemon diamond to get Torchic Mudkip TreeckoCharmanderSquritle and Bulbasaur also Turtwig. give codes seperatly and please tell me how to activate them.?

i dont know an action replay code im sorry but i only know one for an aceus egg but u can migrate from emerald ruby sapphire firered or leafgreen theres 1 answer

Who is the oldest living Pokemon?

i think its aceus

Do you need a national pokedex to get arceus?

No, you just need to unlock it by getting heaps of watts.

How do you catch aceus in platinum?

u use a great ball two times.

How do you get aceus on Pokemon?

i just recommend cheats. Mewtwo