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and no you see if you watch the Pokemon movie aceus and the Jewel of life their are 5 dimensions ours girtinas, palkias, dialgas, and aceus aceus universe is about twice as big as all the others put together so ya he made his which led to cosmic reactions and then the others where made (with the help of girtina, palkia, dialga of course).

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Q: Is aceus the creator of the Pokemon world?
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You get him in trade.

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i think its aceus

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i just recommend cheats. Mewtwo

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yes because arceus can be any type of pokemon

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If you mean who is the human creator of Pokemon, then it is Satoshi Tajiri.If you are referring to the creator of Pokemon in the franchise, it is Arceus.

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Sorry mate or if you are a women mam but anyway you cant get an aceus in souls silver or heart gold

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There's no such thing as a ball creator in Pokemon

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well they already made one Pokemon d/p but you need action replaynote: they will make a aceus movie in USA November 20,2009