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Q: What is the Crossword puzzle answer for yellow pigment?
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There are many great internet sources where information about crossword puzzle dictionaries can be found. Webster crossword puzzle dictionary is one of these great sources.

Where can you make a really good crossword puzzle?

CAUTION: If you're working on the New York Times puzzle for July 15 2007, I use some examples in the material below.I LOVE crossword puzzles and I do them daily. It's a joy when I finish one (I don't always...) There are some general ideas that I use, but it is mostly a matter of practice, and starting with puzzles that are not extremely difficult. First, use a pencil with an eraser. Go through the whole puzzle and get the 'easy' items you mentioned above. Never, never assume that the wonderful answer you just entered, you know, the one that shows what a good puzzler you are-- never assume that it is correct, and CANNOT be changed. Usually, when I trip up on a puzzle, it's because I won't let go of that 'special' answer that I KNOW is right, because I'm so darn clever. Be willing to let it go. I will often erase a word, just to clear my mind. This sometimes helps me solve connected words, even if the word I erased turns out to be right. I put it back in. Say that you have a word in mind, but you are iffy about it. Keeping the letters in mind, go through the 'across' clues to see if the letters you have in mind will bring quick answers to any of those. Example: The clue for 63 across is: "Showing deep embarrassment". I'm thinking of entering the word CRIMSON, but... I don't know... When I look at the clue for 63 down, "Like new bills", 5 letters, I think: If it begins with "C", hmm... "CRISP"! I think of this as evidence that "CRIMSON" might be right. Skipping to 65 down, the word beginning with "I" 5 letters, the clue is "Atahualpa's people". I think: Atahualpa sounds Mexican, or central American. Hmmm. Maybe a historic group, beginning with "I", 5 letters. I don't really know for sure, but I see that "INCA" fits. So I go ahead and put it all in. You don't really have to KNOW all the information. You just get good at making far-reaching, and sometimes weird connections. It's all part of the fun. I actually "know" maybe 10% or 20% of the information in a puzzle, even a puzzle I finish correctly. If I can't find any "evidence" that the word I have in mind might be right, I usually don't put it in. I have to feel comfortable with 2 or 3 "evidence" words, depending on the length of the word I have in mind. Clues that have question marks at the end have to be treated with special care. The question mark means that the clue is a TRICK. Sometimes (not always) the trick is associated with the puzzle's 'theme'. Here's the clue: "Hogwarts?" 18 letters. The clue invites me to think about Harry Potter, the movies, the characters, the plots, the "stuff", and all of that throws me off. It's not going to be that obvious. The answer is "INVOCATIONALSCHOOL". People who write these puzzles are DEVIOUS, maybe even EVIL. They want you to sweat, and work for success. A play on "Vocational School", and "Invocation". Sometimes the tricks have to do with how you read the clue-- Clue: "All your work may go into it". Answer: RESUME. If the clue itself contains an abbreviation, it is a hint that the answer may be an abbreviation. If the clue is asking for something in the past tense, the answer will be a verb in the past tense. Tense will match from clue to answer. These are just a few ideas. Keep practicing, and be sure to check the answers when you get them. As you check the answers, play with them in your head. Imagine how knowing that one word might have lead you to the others. Don't give up... You'll get a lifetime of pleasure from puzzling, and it will help keep your mind sharp!

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You can type "how to crate a crossword puzzle" in the Google search box. After you hit enter there will be a lot of websites that can create crossword puzzles for you. I hope I helped you.