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Any water type move, like surf, water gun, hydro pump etc.

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Q: What is super effective on Charizard?
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Which super smash flash has Charizard?

super smash flash 2 if you can find a pokeball then you can find charizard or another pokemon

Can you get super Charizard?

If its two Mega Evolutions count as "super" Charizard, then sure, I guess you can get one in some way or another.

Which Pokemon is better Blastoise or Charizard?

Well i personally think that blastoise is better because first water is more effective at fire and it can surf but charizard can fly

How do you get a Charizard 'M?

charizard m is a glitch hybrid so it's like a super charizard with the ultimate glitch move super glitch and can surpass lvl 100 using rare candies entering ascended super charizard and it can go even more to a super charizard two surpassing lvl 200 if you try to push it more with rare canides to lvl 255 it will return to lvl 0. you can get thisextraordinary pokemon by trading a glitch pokemon Q from pokemon yellow to red or blue it will evolve to charizard m also it can learn fly. so if u hav an emulator u screwed. unless u have the gameshark code

Why wont Shedinja do super effective moves?

It doesn't do super effective it don't get hit unless its super effective

In the game Fossil Fighters how do you battle?

You talk to some people at the dig sites and it will give you the option of battling them.Fire is super-effective on Earth. Earth is super-effective on Air. Air is super-effective on Water. Water is super-effective on Fire. Neutral isn't not effective or super-effective on anybody.

What is super effective against koffing?

psychic pokemons and attacks are super effective

What type is super effective against psycic in diamond?

super effective is bug

What is super effective to the elite four?

Mewtwo or zapdos are best for the first guy but they will kill zapdos quick if he doesnt attack first. Articuno and mewto for the 2nd guy.i have a charizard and he wipes the 3rd person out quick. And charizard and mewtwo for the last 2. Then have 2 Pokemon to help if any thing goes wrong. So i have suicune and moltres for back up

Is Fire super effective to Psychic Pokemon?

No. Ghost and Dark is super effective to Psychic Pokemon. Fire is super effective to Grass, Steel, Bug, and Ice.

What is bug super effective?

They are super effective against Grass, Dark and Psychic types.

What is super effective against dark in Pokemon?

Fighting and Bug types are super effective.