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Poison types are weak to ground and psychic moves like earthquake and psychic. If yr opponent is a weezing that has the abillity levitate which makes ground type moves useless, use psychic moves to defeat them using psychic types like alakazam or mr .mime.

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Q: What is super effective against poisen type in Pokemon leafgreen?
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What is a Gangar?

Gengar(Gangar, Japanese name) is a Pokemon that's is kinda evil in a short of why (he looks like this ) he's a ghost-poisen dual type Pokemon. ya hes good ok

How do you beat team rocket in the radio station on soul silver?

Go to the basement where you dress out as a Team rocket member then you go back there and then you get to fight them be sure to use Physic or earth Pokemon for they mainly will throw Poisen types at you.

How can you get lots of money and exp on Pokemon on tppc?

i Know how to get both. type in the battle a trainer box : RuneRistarsgym and it should come up with a trainer with six shiny chanseys or blissys. if so add him/her as a friend and change your pokemons moves to : toxic , double kick , and dig. use them in this way toxic (make sure it poisens it) double kick (if toxic dosent poisen it use again) MUST use dig then double kick double kick dig DK Dk D in that order till it dies

What is a good moveset for Aggron and Cacturne in Pokemon Diamond?

i edited this answer, because i am a Pokemon expert, and i breed Pokemon as a hobbyA good moveset or Cacturne and Aggron is...Cacturne: poisen Jab, Leech Seed, dark Pulse, and Earthquake (I am pretty sure it can learn it) or sandstorm. the reason is, : Usually Cacturne has higher attack than special attack, and poisen jab may poisen. wich could be a plus if you already used leech seed. I would recomend breeding your cacturne, and getting a male cacnea. make the cacnea evolve and train it. then teach it these moves. you could switch out leech seed with toxic if you want. toxic is my favorite move, because any Pokemon can learn it. i would suggest giving it big root to hold, if iy knows leech seed or giga drain, because it ups the amount of health you get back.Aggron: Iron Tail, Earthquake, Thunderbolt (Or thunder), and Dragon Claw, or Toxic.I have had a lot of experience with aggrons, and i breed them all the time. i suggest you breed yours, and get a male. but teach the father earthquake, and the other moves before you breed it. so the baby will come out with those moves, and if you breed the moves into the baby, they become stronger. thunderbolt, (or thunder will help with water types. you could also teach it ice punch, fire punch, or flamethrower if you want. but i recomend thunderbolt. the only way to get fire punch, or ice punch, is to breed it into the baby, or use shards and teach the move via the shard man. (he is left of pastoria.)I could go on and on, but i think this much is sufficient. i hope it helped.definitely for cacturne a move like needle arm, and also earthquake and any fire-type move that it can learn to cover the weakness for ice and bug (especially cos' cacturne has a double weakness to bug if im right), then dark pulse or night slash as they are two good dark-type movesi agree with him with thunderbolt for aggron, and a surprising one here, both to be included and that aggron can learn it, surf, to take out any ground-type foes that try to beat you. also, im sorry to go over what the person before me said, and contradict him, but the move iron head is better that iron tail as a move for STAB (same type attack bonus) and earthquake again is a helpful move, or alternatively go for rock slide for another STAB (aggron=rock/steel), but either move would be good.anymore help that any of you need go to my message board and post it as i will answer it on your message board on probably the same day. my user is p0k3m0nl0lzHoly......How long did it take you to type that. 0.oI haven't even read it yet but i can tell, its oozing with your experience. :)I THINK THE FIRST MOVES WERE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY TOXIC I RECOMMEND THOSE MOVES!!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD RECOMMEND THIS!!!I think that was a very specified and detailed answer, I agree with it and congratulate on your ability to dignify and pick a pokemon's best moves-Goku 99

What levels do beedrill learn new moves?

Here is beedrills move set: lv 10 fury attack lv 34 Assurance lv 13 focus energy lv 37 poisen jab lv 16 twineedle lv 40 endeavor lv 19 rage lv 22 pusuit lv 25 toxici spikes lv 28 pin missle lv 31 agility

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